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Elected Student Council members, 2022

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements

The University of the Philippines Mindanao Student Electoral Board (USEB) presented the list of OFFICIAL winners of the recent #Piniliay2022 student council elections on their Facebook page on October 1, 2022. The USEB reported 31 candidacies, of which 29 were under the Alyansa ng mga Aktibong Kabataan ng UP Mindanao (ANAK-UPMin) slate, and 2 were independent candidates. 
The following are the official winners of the University Student Council (USC), College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS SC), College of Science and Mathematics Student Council (CSM SC), and School of Management Student Council (SOM SC).
2022 100122 USC CHAIR 2022 100122 USC VICE CHAIR
University Student Council (USC)
USC Chairperson: Fauzhea Alexandra E. Guiani (ANAK-UPMin) - 91.23% 

USC Vice Chairperson: Raphael John P. Dimalanta (ANAK-UPMin) - 92.62%

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Armand Glenn S. Martin (ANAK-UPMin) - 79.85%

Katherina Anne B. Emmenegger (ANAK-UPMin) - 82.15% 

Nelson Edgar F. Sarmiento (ANAK-UPMin) - 79.85%

Abegail D. Romas (ANAK-UPMin) - 73.69%

College Representatives to the USC:

CHSS: Allyssa Mari P. Ancheta (ANAK-UPMin) - 90.34% 

CSM: Ladeena M. Dimpaso (ANAK-UPMin) - 83.17% 

SOM: Kester C. Galarpe (Independent) - 96.49% 


College of Humanities & Social Sciences Student Council

CHSS SC Chairperson: Alec Gabrielle P. Gonzales (ANAK-UPMin) - 85.56% 

CHSS SC Vice Chairperson: Ric Christian R. Solis (ANAK-UPMin) - 85.86% 

Treasurer: Ma. Loren S. Apatan (ANAK-UPMin) - 87.93% 

Degree Program Representatives:

BACMA: Krystel Angela B. Juelo (ANAK-UPMin) - 87.50% 

BAE: Ira Yari J. Perturbos (ANAK-UPMin) - 97.92% 

BSAnthro: Dimple Jean A. Alkuino (ANAK-UPMin) - 95.00%

BSArchi: Isabel A. Saddalani (ANAK-UPMin) - 88.66% 


College of Science and Mathematics Student Council

CSM SC Chairperson: Olive Anne Patricia P. Matalam (ANAK-UPMin) - 92.74% 

CSM SC Vice Chairperson: Alexa Iris Batalla (ANAK-UPMin) - 92.41% 

Secretary: Zachary Dane Angelo C. Molde (ANAK-UPMin) - 91.42% 

Treasurer: Daphne Angelique C. Marigmen (ANAK-UPMin) - 89.11% 

Degree Program Representatives:

BSAmath: Lowen P. Borlagdan (ANAK-UPMin) - 98.11% 

BSB: Darryl Dave Joshua T. Bolofer (ANAK-UPMin) - 90.00% 

BSCS: Guy Ivan D. Ocon (ANAK-UPMin)- 92.68%

BSFT: Cobbie Jan P. Canda (ANAK-UPMin) - 97.44% 


School of Management Student Council

SOM SC Chairperson: Ken Shane P. Melegrito (ANAK-UPMin) - 94.74% 

SOM SC Vice Chairperson: Charis Anne C. Canceran (ANAK-UPMin) - 96.49% 

Secretary: Maria Angela R. Salazar (ANAK-UPMin) - 98.25% 

Treasurer: Trisha Marie A. Ocular (Independent) - 98.25% 

Year Level Representatives:

2nd Year: Sherken  Jay T. Petaclorin (ANAK-UPMin) - 81.82% 

3rd Year: Krisfiel Rose G. Varquez (ANAK-UPMin) - 93.33% 

4th Year: Christine B. Magadan (ANAK-UPMin) - 100.00%]

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