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NHA-XI Presents Housing Programs for UP Mindanao

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements

IMG 6617
NHA-XI and UP Mindanao teams discuss housing and land development opportunities 

National Housing Authority Regional Manager Clemente A. Dayot and engineers Shariffuddin I. Nami and Pia Noelle Z. Velasco visited UP Mindanao on July 5, 2024, to present its housing schemes for local governments and similar agencies. The NHA team explained their P25 to P50 million packages for land development or housing construction options and the beneficiary agency counterparting. The UP Mindanao administration, led by Chancellor Lyre Anni Murao and Vice-Chancellor for Administration Leo Manuel Estana, welcomed the offer and expressed interest in pursuing housing and dormitory projects for university constituents, campus informal settlers, and indigenous peoples in the UP land reservations.  The university intends to pursue the development projects for the three constituencies in parallel efforts. The Campus Planning and Development Office, headed by Asst. Prof. Architect Jean Marie Juanga, was designated to lead the project developments.  The projects align with the UP's strategic plan for good governance, UPMin's pillars for welfare and resources, and the Sustainable Development Goals for sustainable communities and other goals.  

IMG 6623
(L-R) UPMin's Archie Bayalas, Oliver Telmo, NHA's Pia Noelle Velasco, Shariffudin Nami, and RM Clemente Dayot, UPMin's Chancellor Lyre Murao, VC Leo Manuel Estana,
Ar. Jean Marie Juanga, Atty. Charmaine Valentin, Arlene Gumapac, and Joel Sagadal 

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