Completion of Kahimunan: Mindanao Research Colloquium 2022

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Lectures

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 The Department of Human Kinetics completed its Kahimunan Mindanao Research Colloquium in November 2022. Research in sports and athletic performance was shared over four Saturday sessions. 

On November 5, were on analysis of sports performance of student-athletes. Mr. Mark Domingo Asuncion from Isabela State University on "Students'perception on the attainment of intended outcomes in individual and dual sports," and Mr. Jerome Ferdinand Balaga from Davao del Sur State College and UP Diliman on "Semi-quantitative movement analysis of jumping heading skill of a female football athlete."

 On November 12, were indigenous games and psychological wellness of physical education students and teachers during the pandemic. UP Mindanao Asst. Prof. Armando Salazar on "The indigenous games of Bagobo K'lta in Sirib, Davao City." Ms. Ivy Catherine Bering of the University of Southeastern Philippines on "Emotional satisfaction and online learning experience of BPED students." Dr. Porferia Poralan of the University of the Immaculate Conception on "Characterizing physical education teachers in an online learning environment."

On November 19, "Leisure activities of students from elementary to college: A compilation of case studies" by Phan Minh Quan of UP Diliman and Krishna Balaga of UP Mindanao. "Mental health of collegiate student-athletes in the time of COVID-19," by Mona Liza Adviento-Maghanoy
On November 26, Mr. Juvanie Lapesigue and Mr. Kirk Joshua Mediodia will discuss their studies on the effects of the pandemic on physical education professionals, and Mr. Gideon Juezan, PhD, will talk about his study on sports performance anxiety and sports confidence.
 Lapesigue, "Competence in learning delivery modes and performance of physical education teacher in senior high schools in Davao City"
Juezan, "Sports performance anxiety and sports confidence among college athletes: The moderating effect of friendship quality"
Mediodia, "Sailing amidst the pandemic: A phenomenology of work-study balance among BPED students"

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