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Announcement for First Year Students

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Dear Incoming First Year Students,

Congratulations! Welcome to UP Mindanao.


13 July 2020, Mon – 31 July 2020, Fri

Submission of scanned copies of documents required for online enrollment

August 10, 2020, Mon


Advance Enrollment for the following degree programs:

BS Anthropology

BA Comm and Media Arts

BA English

BS Architecture

BS Agribusiness Economics

August 11, 2020, Tue


Advance Enrollment for the following degree programs:

BS Applied Mathematics

BS Biology,

BS Computer Science

BS Food Technology


September 9, 2020, Wed

Regular enrollment for Incoming First Year Students

September 10, 2020, Thu

Start of classes

  1. PRE-ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS ( July 13-31, 2020)

  1. Submission of Health Declaration Form to Health Services Section

  1. Fill-out the Health Declaration Form

  1. E-mail the Health Declaration Form to

*A medical clearance will be issued by the Health Services Section through the student’s e-mail upon receipt of the accomplished Health Declaration Form.

  1. Submission of Credentials

The Office of the University Registrar will share a Student Directory Form upon receipt of the student’s medical clearance from the Health Services Section.

The following documents are needed for submission in pdf/jpeg format:

  1. Admission Notice

  2. Philippine Statistics Authority Birth Certificate

  3. Form 137-A or Student's Secondary Permanent Records-Senior High School

  4. Grade 12 Senior Year High School Card

  5. 2” x 2” colored ID picture (white background)

  6. Certification of Good Moral

Accomplish a provisional admission form if one or more of the abovementioned documents are unavailable for submission.. Link for the form:

Note: Upon resumption of face-to-face classes, all original hard copies have to be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar, First Floor, Administration Building. All original documents, except for the birth certificate, submitted to the Office of the University Registrar shall become part of your permanent record of UP in Mindanao.

  1. ON-LINE ENROLLMENT (August 10-11, 2020, Advance Enrollment Period; September 9, 2020-regular enrollment)

Enrollment Form will only be e-mailed to students who complied with the submission of credentials.

Step 1. Accomplish the shared Enrollment Google Form

Step 2. The Office of the University Registrar will process enrollment through the CSRS (Computerized Students Records System).

Step 3.1. The official enrollment form or Form 5 will be e-mailed to students who opted to avail of the Free Higher Education privilege.

Step 3.2. For students who are voluntarily opting out of the Free Higher Education privilege

Step 3.2.1 Pay your tuition and other miscellaneous fees through:

Name of Bank : Development Bank of the Philippines


Account Number: 0915-010307-030

Branch: Davao City

Address: Davao, C.M. Recto Branch, Davao City, Philippines

Step 3.2.2 The official enrollment form or Form 5 will be e-mailed after verification of payment from the Cash Office.

You are done with the enrollment!

*Upon resumption of the face-to-face classes, you will be asked to sign your Form 5 certifying the correctness of its information and UP’s Privacy Notice for Students.


UP Mindanao shall implement RA No. 1093 known the Universal Access to Quality Education Tertiary Education Act of 2017 and its implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) that was approved and signed on 22 February 2018. The IRR of the law that provides for free college tuition and all other fees.

Opting Out of Free Tuition

UP Mindanao students may voluntarily opt out from availing the Free Tuition privilege. Should this be the decision, after submitting a dully accomplished Voluntary Opt- Out Form, the student will pay the full tuition and other fees, as his/her contribution to the University.


UP Mindanao will implement remote learning classes for AY 2020-2021. Dormitory accommodations for long-term stay is temporarily suspended.

For further queries please contact any of the following personnel:

Ms. Alma Marcelino

Dormitory Manager

Mobile Number: 0910-1417945

Ms. Shela A. Camilotes

Residence Life Coordinator

Mobile Number: 0930-0354751


  1. For Academic Year 2020-2021, incoming students are required to complete the Health Declaration Form, in lieu of the Pre-Enrollment Physical Examination and laboratory tests (urinalysis, fecalysis, CBC, and Chest X-ray):

  • Scan (in any format) and send the Health Declaration Form to Mindanao Health Services Section through email : within the period of July 13 – 31, 2020, for validation.

  • After validation, a clearance from the UP Mindanao Health Services Section will be issued to the student via email.

  • Only clearance from the Health Services Section will be accepted by the Office of the University Registrar during enrollment.


  1. Upon resumption of physical classes, all First Year students should undergo the complete the required Physical Examination at any health facility of choice, provided that, the Physical Examination is done by a pediatrician, family medicine or internal medicine specialist from a reputable private or government institution. Kindly submit the results to the nurse-on-duty at the:

University Clinic

Health Services Section

Elias B. Lopez Hall

Contact Number: (082) 293-0863 local 9053


  1. All First Year students should submit the ORIGINAL OFFICIAL RECEIPT to the Office of the University Registrar for refund of expenses of the mandatory physical and dental laboratory tests.


  1. For the conduct of the Physical Examination, take note of the following:


  • The Physical and Dental Examination and laboratory work-ups which only includes Uninalysis, Fecalysis, Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Chest X-ray.

Note: If the physician / dentist requires prescription and additional laboratory test, expenses incurred must be borne by the student.

  • Download UP Mindanao Physical Examination Form from:

Only the official forms of UP Mindanao Physical Examination forms should be used.

  • Accomplish UP Mindanao Physical Examination form signed by the examining physician / dentist with complete name and license number.

  • Submit the following :

(a) laboratory results such Urinalysis, Fecalysis, CBC and Chest X ray together with the completely filled-out;

(b) UP Mindanao Physical Examination Form; and

(c) Health Declaration Form to UP Mindanao Health Services Section upon resumption of classes.



In addition to the higher education subsidy granted by the National Government, the University also provides other of financial assistance to qualified students. These programs provide financial support to students in need. To streamline application to these programs, UP developed the Student Financial Assistance Online (SFA Online).

The SFA Online gathers information to expedite the processing of applications from students who wish to obtain financial assistance. It is web-based program that collects data on household income as well as the socio-economic characteristics of the household of students. These data are processed to determine the financial support that match a student’s needs. Application to SFA Online shall be announced on a later date.

Students may also apply for private scholarships which are announced regularly by the Scholarships and Financial Assistance Section under the Office of Student Affairs. Screening and selection are conducted by the UP Mindanao Committee on Scholarships and Financial Assistance. Scholarships consisting of living and book subsidies are based both on financial need and academic performance. Posting of announcements and application period will start on September 10, 2020. Application forms shall be available at UP Mindanao website:

For scholarship inquiries, kindly reach us through the following:

Facebook page:


Contact Number: (082) 293-1353

Mobile Number (063)918-918-4934


1. For Academic Year 2020-2021, all incoming first year students are required to fill-out/ complete the following Forms to be downloaded from the UP Mindanao Website:

These forms are as follows:

1.1 Student Cumulative Information File (SCIF)

1.2 Basic Information Sheet (BIS)

1.3 DASS - self-report scales on emotional states

2. Please attach one copy of 2x2 colored ID Picture to be placed at SCIF (Student Cumulative Information File)

3. Scan and submit (in any format) a copy of Certificate of good moral character from Senior High School.

Submit and send those filled-out forms and documents through this email: starting July 13 until August 13, 2020.

For inquiries, kindly reach us through the following:


Land line Number: (082) 293-1353

Mobile Number 09324854316

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