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#Kaagapay UP

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Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral social media Eng with bank logos 15PERCENTHelp support the remote learning needs of our Iskolar ng Bayan. Be their 'Kaagapay'.
Our students need your help.
COVID-19 has changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way we teach and learn. We need to be flexible and adapt, but most are finding it hard because of the technological requirements these uncertain and rapidly evolving times have imposed upon us.
Because of this crisis, more than 5,600 UP students are in danger of not being able to continue their education. They cannot afford the technology and tools that have now become integral to learning. Around 1,600 of them have no resources at all. For at least 4,000 more, sustained use of technologies is no longer feasible because the pandemic has rendered their households financially vulnerable.
The University requests your support in enabling these Iskolar ng Bayan to move forward and ultimately reach their goal of graduating.
We are asking you to be their kaagapay. 
No other Filipino word best describes the role you will be playing in the lives of our students. Ka-, a prefix that means to be a part of something, and agapay, which means support or assistance. To be a kaagapay is to stand by them and with them, sharing their burden to ease their struggles.
Through our fundraising and resource generation campaign, Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral ng Iskolar ng Bayan or #KaagapayUP, your generosity will equip financially-challenged students with the computers or laptops and internet connectivity they need to pursue their degrees.
You may donate pre-owned or brand new laptops and computers with the minimum specifications via designated drop-off centers in UP campuses.
You may give monetary gifts in cash, check, or electronic funds, through over-the-counter or digital transactions using our secured payment gateways via
With your donations, our students will receive the computers or laptops and internet connectivity they need toward earning their degrees.
Be the helping hand that empowers our students to achieve their dreams and go on to make meaningful contributions to society and humanity.
Maging kaagapay sa pag-aaral ng Iskolar ng Bayan.

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