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UP Mindanao 26th Anniversary, 2021

Written by Rene Estremera on . Posted in Madayaw News

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“Paglatas sa pandemya: Malig-on nga pagbangon ngadto sa bag-o nga panahon”

(Transcending the pandemic: A resilient recovery towards the new normal)

            Amid a pandemic, we have been learning to build a stronger UP Mindanao. Having survived 2020, celebrating the 26th anniversary marks a renewed vigor in our lives. In our logo, the waling-waling and the leaf symbolize the new vitality rising from the stricken community, reflecting the academic community's supportive efforts. The leaf and petals are sturdy, depicting the Mindanaoan spirit. The number "2" is geometrically shaped, embodying structure and order. The logo also bears the colors of the University and that of a new morning sky.

Together, let us be resilient to recover and transcend the pandemic and move towards the dawn of a new normal.

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