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Vegetable Juice Beverage, 2023

Written by Rene Estremera on . Posted in Madayaw News

2023 020723 JUICE 02 2023 020723 JUICE 04
The Technology Transfer & Business Development Office (TTBDO) hosted a demonstration on February 6, 2023, by Ms. Diane Rose G. Castillon (in photo below) and Dr. Dann Marie N. Del Mundo (Dept. of Food Science & Chemistry) for a technology developed for a juice beverage (not from concentrate) with the use of nutritious vegetables that are locally available in the Philippines. According to the demonstrators, this juice product could offer a more affordable option with the same benefit as that of juice blends in the market, making it more acceptable to the local market. 
2023 020723 JUICE 01 2023 020723 JUICE 03
"We are excited by the possibilities that this research could bring," said TTBDO head Lynda Buenobra. At the conclusion of the demonstration, the team identified several opportunities to further improve the quality of the product. "We aim that this research will be successful in delivering a more accessible and nutritious beverage option to the local market," said Prof. Del Mundo.

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