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UPMin officials take coaching training for leadership roles

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The first session trainees with trainers on July 25, 2023  
IMG 9286
A trust exercise at the October 3 session  
IMG 9302
The third batch on October 3, 2023

Various UPMin mid-level and senior officials are being trained in coaching to expand the pool of personnel to take on leadership roles.

The UPMin administration welcomed the coaching approach as appropriate for the co-creation of a positive work environment among colleagues. The coaching approach can accommodate assessments or an appreciation of leadership practices that contribute to a preferred workplace. This, in turn, helps create a transformative work or education environment envisioned by Chancellor Lyre Murao.

Licensed management coaches from Haraya Coaching are facilitating the coaching sessions.

"We shall not train you. Instead, we coach you for you to access the best in you," said Transformational Coach Maria Lea Uy-Ungson.

"We shall draw out your capabilities, gifts, talents, and wisdom from you," said Leadership Coach Jacqueline Fe Luy.

A total of 44 UPMin officials were trained from July to October 2023. These were UPMin's central administrators, college deans and secretaries, department chairpersons, academic program coordinators, key committee members, and research project leaders.

"It's not your typical leadership training," said a participant. "Drills, workshops, and situational cases are provided. The leader may take time to listen, reflect, and seek validation of one's understanding. Situational factors and personal attributes can better inform a leader's action or decision," they said.

This training helped UPMin's middle and higher-level leaders exercise their capabilities to influence organizational culture practices toward the shared vision, values, and strategies.

The training outcomes on the UPMin leaders are expected to address the Sustainable Development Goals of quality education, gender equality, and related goals.

The UP Charter has mandated UP units to maintain and enhance academic excellence and lead in setting academic standards. Toward these ends, innovations in the delivery of its teaching, research, creative work, administration, and public service functions are expected of UP officials.

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