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VPD Daniel Peckley Jr. holds meeting with UPMin officials

Written by Rene Estremera on . Posted in Madayaw News

IMG 1835
The team of Vice-President for Development Daniel Peckley Jr. meet the UP Mindanao officials on July 4, 2024  
The UP Mindanao administration welcomed UP VP for Development Daniel C. Peckley Jr., who assumed the post on March 8, 2024, on his visit to UP Mindanao on July 4, 2024. VPD Peckley,  2024, discussed the status of UPMin projects and the new policies regarding the implementation of infrastructure projects that are in the General Appropriations Act.
IMG 1836
VPD Daniel Peckley Jr. (left-most) discusses with the UP Mindanao officials 




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