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Prof. Perez wins top prize in "Outsiders" international art event

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Achievements


Associate Professor and UP Artist Teody Boylie "Bong" Perez won First Prize in the "Outsiders" International Exhibition and Competition 2024. Prof. Perez's winning entry was "Life Goes On," Oil on canvas, 57 X 45 inches, created in April 2021. "This painting evokes the Filipino spirit of hope and determination to survive and remain positive amidst pandemics and calamities," stated the artist's note accompanying the painting. Prof.Perez won over a field of 20 finalists from different countries.

"What is crucial to me is gaining an understanding of the conditions that exist in my country," wrote Prof. Perez in his Artist's Statement. "I believe that to create meaningful art; one must appreciate ideas that are relevant and then strive to achieve masterful freedom in expressing them," he stated. 

The "Outsiders" exhibit and competition is organized by Crosscurrents Gallery. "The theme 'Outsiders' invites artists to explore and interpret the concept of individuals or groups existing on the fringes or margins of society," stated the organizers. Visit the exhibition page here: https://www.crosscurrentsgallery.com/outsiders-exhibition 

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