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29th Anniversary Recognition Ceremony

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IMG 3061
The UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble
IMG 2985
Chairperson Maria Belen Acosta
IMG 2951
Chancellor Lyre Anni Murao

Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) Chairperson and UP alumna Maria Belen “Mabel” S. Acosta was the Guest Speaker at the 29th Anniversary celebration of the University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPMin) on February 20, 2024. In her message, Chairperson Acosta extended an invitation for UP Mindanao to enter into partnerships with the MinDA in any and all Mindanao development efforts.   

University President Angelo Jimenez, in his recorded video message, said, “As a native son of Mindanao, I pledge my full support for your endeavors and initiatives and, conversely, I will also hold you to the highest standards of performance, so we can show others what we Mindanaoans are capable of achieving not just for ourselves but for our people and our nation.”

Chancellor Lyre Murao, in her welcome remarks, said, “We are now moving towards becoming a comprehensive University,” she said. “With the right blend of people, services, and facilities for a truly transformative impact in Mindanao and BIMP-EAGA.” UP Mindanao's efforts are behind Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality education.  

UP Mindanao constituents completed the 29th Anniversary celebration with a recognition ceremony for personnel. 

IMG 3277
Ten-Year Service Loyalty awardees (L-R, with plaques): M. Guillermo. P. Alviola, J. Alviola, A. Satina, with the UPMin Executive Committee and Chair Acosta
IMG 3280
Fifteen-Year Service Loyalty awardees (L-R, with plaques): V. Shuck, M. Casan, D. Del Mundo, P. Dismas Jr., J. Vito
IMG 3282
Twenty-Year Service Loyalty awardees show off their awarded rings (L-R): J. Garcia, A. Marcelino, A. Gumapac, C. Estocado, J. Sagadal, D. Labiao.
IMG 3287
Twenty-Five Year Service Loyalty awardees with their certificates and tokens *
IMG 3290
UP Scientists/Artists (L-R): C. Nanola, M. Mata, T. Perez, P. Alviola, L. Digal, (seated) A. Novero, J. Cruz
IMG 3292
Gawad Tsanselor awardees with their plaques (L-R): J. Garcia, K. Ligue-Sabio, B. Merced, J. Cruz
Professor Jhoanna Lynn Cruz, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, led the Gawad Chanselor awardees as “Pinakamahusay na Guro, Senior Faculty.” Assistant Professor Kim Dianne Ligue-Sabio, Budget Officer Jo-An A. Garcia, and University Librarian Briccio Merced Jr. were awarded in their respective categories.     
Faculty and staff who served for ten, fifteen, twenty, and twenty-five years were given service loyalty awards. 
Professor Annabelle U. Novero, incumbent Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Twenty-Five-Year Service Loyalty awardee, gave the message on behalf of her fellow awardees. She extended her hopes for all personnel serving the University to the commensurate recognition of their labors.    
Ten Years of Service
Asst. Prof. Marion John Michael M. Achondo 
Prof. Juma Novie A. Alviola 
Prof. Pedro A. Alviola, IV 
Asst. Prof. Aileen Grace D. Delima 
Assoc. Prof. Erwin Oliver V. Fundador 
Asst. Prof. Nelfa M. Glova 
Asst. Prof. Miguel Carlo S. Guillermo 
Asst. Prof. Cyrose Suzie S. Millado 
Asst. Prof. Kenette Jean I. Millondaga 
Assoc. Prof. Armacheska M. Satina
Fifteen Years of Service
Ms. Marianne L. Casan 
Assoc. Prof. Dann Marie N. Del Mundo 
Mr. Paulino L. Dismas, Jr. 
Assoc. Prof. Vladimer B. Kobayashi 
Asst. Prof. Vlademir A. Shuck 
Mr. James V. Vito 
Twenty Years of Service
Engr. Cesar E. Estocado 
Ms. Joan A. Garcia 
Ms. Arlene C. Gumapac 
Ms. Divina T. Labiao. 
Prof. Isidoro R. Malaque, III
Ms. Alma T. Marcelino
Mr. Joel N. Sagadal
Twenty-Five Years of Service
Prof. Joseph E. Acosta 
Ms. Sharon Jean A. Año
Ms. Florence F. Aquiatan 
Ms. Merlyn P. Castañeros 
Mr. Edgar N. Denosta 
Ms. Mary Christie A. Estocado 
Mr. Henry B. Fernandez 
Mr Gil B. Flauta 
Ms. Analiza S. Fulvadora 
Ms. Marievette V. Gatela 
Mr. Ildefonso Y. Magpusao, Jr. 
Prof. Annabelle U. Novero 
Mr. Henry A. Sultan
Special Recognition
John B. Bengan, Winner, 23rd Madrigal Gonzalez Best First Book Award 
UP Artists
Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz, UP Artist 1, 2019-2021 
Teody Boylie R. Perez, UP Artist 1, 2019-2021 
UP Scientists 
Raymundo R. Pavo, CHSS, Scientist I, 2020-2022 
Larry N. Digal, SOM, Scientist I, 2020-2022
Mae Anne E. Mata, CSM, Scientist I, 2020-2022 
Emma Ruth V. Bayogan, CSM, Scientist II, 2020-2022
Annabelle U. Novero, CSM, Scientist II, 2021-2023
Pedro A. Alviola IV, SOM, Scientist I, 2022-2024
Cleto L. Nañola, Jr., CSM, Scientist I, 2022-2024 
Gawad Tsanselor Para Sa Pinakamahusay Na Guro (Senior Faculty) 
Prof. Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz (Dep. of Humanities)
Gawad Tsanselor Para Sa Pinakamahusay Na Guro (Junior Faculty) 
Asst. Prof. Klm Dianne B. Ligue-Sabio (Dep. of Math., Physics, And Compu. Sci.) 
Gawad Tsanselor Para Sa Pinakamahusay Na Reps 
Dr. Briccio M. Merced, Jr. (Univ. Library)
Gawad Tsanselor Para Sa Pinakamahusay Na Empleyadong  Administratibo (Supervisor} 
Ms. Joan A. Garcia (Budget Office)
*The Twenty-Year awardees in the photo above are (L-R): I. Magpusao, E. Denosta, A. Fulvadora, H. Sultan, G. Flauta, M. Estocado, F. Aquiatan, H. Fernandez, M. Gatela, M. Castaneros, S. Ano, (seated) A. Novero. 

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