Animal Welfare with Bantay Hayop Davao

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Visits

IMG 8885
Chancellor Lyre Anni Murao and UPMin officials reiterated its continuing commitment to uphold animal welfare and responsible pet ownership in collaboration with Bantay Hayop Davao, a non-government organization. Bantay Hayop President Rovie Bullina and her team offered this collaboration in the meeting held on May 2, 2023, in the UPMin Gaisano Room. UPMin Vice Chancellor for Administration Leo Manuel Estana reported on the discussion. The salient proposals were the creation of a university committee for this purpose, an information drive for students and the campus community, to partner with student organizations for the sustainability of animal welfare operations, an animal shelter in partnership with the barangay, and the provision of food for animals. UPMin extension director Asst. Prof. Erwin Protacio, Land Management Chief Joel Sagadal, and security staff Roberto Cardinal were likewise present at the meeting. Ms. Bullina, on the other hand, was accompanied by associates Sheila Mae Cuburog, Alexandria Rian, Jel Karry Dalagan, and Xedrick Noel Kangleon.   

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