Davao Writers Workshop 2015: Call for Applications

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The Davao Writers Guild, in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the University of the Philippines Mindanao, is now accepting applications to the 2015 Davao Writers Workshop to be held October 27 to October 31, 2015. Fifteen fellowships are available, of which four will be given to writers from outside Davao but residing in Mindanao.

Applications are for the following genres: short fiction, poetry, essay, and play, and they may be in English, Tagalog, and/or Binisaya. Entries should contain 2 short stories (1,000 to 5,000 words), 2 essays (1,000 to 5,000 words), 2 one-act plays, or 5 poems.

The entries must be the applicant’s original work and should not have undergone critique from a panel in another workshop or for a creative writing thesis. Accepted fellows will be given free board and lodging for the duration of the workshop. Alumni of the Davao Writers Workshop, as well as of national writers workshops, are not eligible to apply.

Applicants are to fill out the application form and attach the electronic copy of the manuscript. Deadline for submission is September 1, 2015. For inquiries, please contact Julian dela Cerna at juliandelacerna at gmail dot com

Visit the Dagmay-Davao Writers Guild page here

Academic Calendar of Academic Year 2015-2016

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University of the Philippines Mindanao





SUMMER 2016*


May 4(M) – 5(T)



May 5(T) – 7(Th)


Freshmen Orientation

May 7(Th) - 8(F)



June 18 (T)


REGULAR PERIOD for: Removal and Completion

Jul 13(M) - 24(F)

Nov 27(F) – Dec 11(F)


Deadline for transfer students to file Application for Admission

Jul 17 (F)

Dec 4 (F)


Readmission, Validation of advanced credits for transferees, Application for Shifting

Jul 20(M) – 24(F)

Dec 7 (M) – 11 (F)


Deadline for Application for Waiver of Prerequisite

Jul 24 (F)

Dec 11 (F)


Orientation for Faculty Members

Jul 20(Th) – 24(F)


General Registration:

July 27(M)- Aug 5 (W)

Jan 11(M) - 20(W)

June 13 (M)– 15 (W)

Student Number 2012 and older

Jul 27 (M)

Jan 11 (M)


Student Number 2013

Jul 28 (T)

Jan 12   (T)


Student Number 2014

Jul 29 (W)

Jan 13 (W)


Student Number 2015

Jul 30 (Th)

Jan 14 (Th)


Change/Add Matriculation,Transferees, Cross Registrants and others

Jul 31 (F)– Aug 5 (W)

Jan 15(F) - 20(W)



Aug 3   (M)

Jan 18 (M)

Jun 14 (T)

University Convocation for Freshmen

Aug 3 (M)


University Curriculum Committee Meeting

Sept 7 (M)

Feb 15 (M)

June 14 (T)



Feb 20 (Sat)


Deadline for Colleges to submit approved list of

Candidates for Graduation

Sept 14 (M)

Feb 22 (M)

June 16 (Th)

University Council Meeting

Sept 21 (M)

Feb 29 (M)

June 10 (F)

UPMIN Tagbo (Student Leadership Seminar)

Oct 9 (F) - 10(Sat)


Mid-Semester and Deadline for Dropping of Subjects without Evaluation

Oct 2(F)

Mar 15(T)

June 28(F)

DULA 2014

Oct 19(M)– 22 (Th)


Deadline for Dropping Subjects with Evaluation

Oct 30(F)

Apr 15 (F)

July 5(T)

Preregistration Period

Nov 3(T) – 6(F)

Apr 18(M) – 22(F)


Deadline for Filing Leave of Absence (for registered students)

Nov 13(F)

Apr 29 (F)


MORATORIUM (No student activities)

Nov 16(M) – 27(F)

       May 2(M)– 13(F)  

July 11 (M) – 15 (F)


Nov 28 (Sat)

May 14 (Th)

July 15 (F)

Integration Period

Nov 29 (Sun) – 30 (M)

May 15 (Sun)

July 16 (Sat) – 17 Sun)


Dec 1(T) -Dec 4 (F)

May 16 (M) – 19 (Th)

July 18 (M) – 19 (T)


Dec 1(T)-Dec 5(Sat)

May 16 (M) – 21 (Sat)

July 18 (M) – 19 (T)

UP Mindanao “KASADYA” (Lantern Parade)

Dec 7 (M)


Deadline for Submission of Grades

               Graduating Students

               Continuing Students

Dec 11 (F)

Dec 11 (F)

May 26 (Th)

May 27 (F)

July 26 (T)




June 24 (F)


*3-unit lecture classes meet for two (2) hours daily (Monday-Friday), for the 24-class days Summer session.


1st & 4th TERMS

2nd & 5th TERMS

3rd Term

Admission Application Period

Nov 2014- May 2015


Admission Screening

June 1-30, 2015


Graduate Admission Test



Admission List Issuance



Notice of Admission Confirmation



Workshop/Orientation Period

August 3-15, 2015



Aug 20(Th), 22 (Sat AM ONLY), 24(M)

Jan 8(F), 9 (Sat AM ONLY), 11 (M)

May 6(F), 7(Sat AM ONLY), 9(M)

First Day of Term

Aug 22 (Sat)

Jan 9 (Sat)

May 7 (Sat)

Deadline for Dropping Subjects without Evaluation

Sept 19 (Sat)

Feb 6 (Sat)

June 4 (Sat

Deadline for Dropping Subjects with Evaluation

Oct 10 (Sat)

Feb 27 (Sat)

June 25 (Sat)

Deadline for Filing Leave of Absence

Nov 7 (Sat)

Mar 26 (Sat)

July 16 (Sat)


Nov 21 (Sat)

Apr 23 (Sat)

Aug 6 (Sat)

Deadline for Submission of Grades

Dec 1 (Tues)

Apr 29 (M)

Aug 15 (M)








June 12 (F)

Independence Day


Feb 25 (Th)

EDSA Revolution Anniversary

Aug 21 (F)

Ninoy Aquino Day


Mar 16 (W)

Araw ng Dabaw

Aug 26 (W)

National Heroes Day


April 9 (Sat)

Araw ng Kagitingan

Nov 1 (Sun)

All Saints Day


April 2 (Th)

Maundy Thursday

Nov 2 (M)

Additional Special Holiday


April 3 (F)

Good Friday

Nov 30 (M)

Bonifacio Day


May 1 (Sun)

Labor Day

Dec 24 (Th)

Additional Special Non-working Day


Dec 25 (F)

Christmas Day


Dec 30 (W)

Rizal Day


Dec 31 (Th)

Last Day of the Year


 A copy of this document may be downloaded here

UPMFI gives recognition to scholar-graduates, 2015

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The U.P. Mindanao Foundation Inc. awarded Certificates of Recognition and cash rewards on 1 July to its scholars who recently graduated from U.P. Mindanao. Present at the ceremony were (left-right) UPMFI trustees Luciano "Sonny" Puyod, Treasurer Romero "Romy" Blancaver, Vice-President Francisco "Bobby" Ramos, with scholars Ms. Jumarie Albit (BA Communication Arts, cum laude), Ms. Algin Gultia (BA Communication Arts, cum laude), and Mr. Sean Chamber Tomarong (BS Agribusiness Economics). The UPMFI is committed to raise funds and support for student scholarships and faculty development.

Marilog-Arakan Reservation pupils get school supplies, 2015

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IMG 0868PUPILS IN THE MARILOG-ARAKAN Land Reservation received school supplies in June as part of the education component of the public-private-partnership agreement between Kennemer Foods International and UP. Some 245 elementary and day-care pupils in Marilog (Davao City) and Arakan (North Cotabato Prov.), who are children of workers in the agro-forestry project of KFI, received this benefit. Seen in the photo are Ms. Mercedes Ocial, Manager of KFI, and Mr. Joel Sagadal, Land Management Officer of U.P. Mindanao, and parents, in Sitio Ladi-an, Marilog.

KFI also provided a scholarship, covering tuition and books, for its first college scholar, Mr. Junie Lambac, who will pursue studies in BS Community Development at University of Southeastern Philippines-Mintal campus. See some photos here.

Adopt-a-Scholar, 2014

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The Office of Student Affairs is implementing an information campaign for Adopt-A-Scholar program of UP Mindanao. Student Affairs Director Prof. Evelina Ayson (Dept. of Social Science) launched the campaign in 29 January 2014. In  her e-mail statement, Prof. Ayson said, "May we please request you to help us in our campaign to find potential donors/sponsors to the  Adopt-a-Scholar program of UP Mindanao. Please find attached the approved implementing guidelines of the said program. Please feel free to coordinate with the Office of Student Affairs for your queries. You may also direct interested individuals/groups to contact us through the following address:

Office of Student Affairs
University of the Philippines Mindanao
Mintal, Davao city
Telefax : (082) 293-1353
Mobile Number : (0918) 918-4934
email :

Thank you very much for your untiring support.

Truly yours,

Prof. Evelina E. Ayson, Ed.D, RGC
Director, OSA


Approved Implementing Guidelines for UP Mindanao Adopt-A-Scholar Program
(A Need-Based Grants and Financial Assistance Program of UP Mindanao)

Background :

    In response to the call of the University of the Philippines System to come up with various need-based grants and financial assistance, the Office of Student Affairs of University of the Philippines Mindanao came up with a project proposal to entice potential generous donors and benefactors such as alumni, firms, foundations, private groups and other friends of UP Mindanao and help undergraduate students pay education-related expenses while pursuing a degree.

    The need to come up with additional financial aid programs is another way of encouraging potential enrollees of UP Mindanao to pursue studying with alternative options aside from the tuition fee subsidies of the Socialized Tuition System (STS).

    Specifically, the  program aims to provide the basic needs of the qualified undergraduate students through the following programs :

•    Plate UP – subsidy for the daily meal allowance
•    Live UP – subsidy for the monthly  housing allowance
•    Ride UP – subsidy for the daily transportation allowance

Coverage of the Grant :

    Interested donors and benefactors may select to support and provide funds to finance one or all of the proposed programs specified below. Moreover, extended assistance may be provided but not limited to one student-grantee per program. The duration of the sponsorship is renewable every semester. Below is the tabular presentation and computation of the benefits to be extended to  a qualified grantee :

Plate UP
(Meal Allowance)    

This program is intended to subsidize the daily meal expenses of qualified beneficiaries belonging to lower income bracket and identified by the Health Services Section (HSS) as poorly nourished.
During the duration of the program, the student-grantee shall have:

•    been supported in their learning capacity by being able to have taken complete meals in a day;
•    been ensured  a healthy physical condition through taking nutritious food;
•    been given the opportunity to develop well-nourished physical bodies while studying here in UP Mindanao;
•    been provided moral support, encouragement and guidance for a healthy lifestyle for their overall positive development.    

Financial Benefits per grantee every semester:

Option 1 :
P35 per meal  x 3 meals a day x 22 days per month =P2,310.00/month or =P11,550/semester*

or Option 2 :

P50 per day x 22 days per month = P1,100/ month or =P5,500/semester*

*non-monetary benefits; the student-grantee shall receive meal stubs equivalent to the awarded amount of grant

Live UP
(Housing Allowance)    

This program shall finance the dormitory expenses of a qualified recipient as identified by the Student Housing Section (SHS).    

During the duration of the program, the student-grantee shall have:

•    been provided a shelter while studying in UP Mindanao;
•    been supported in their financial obligation in the dormitory;
•    been able to develop wholesome values through social interaction and community living.    

Financial Benefits per grantee every semester:

P500 per month x 5 months=P2,500/semester*

* the grant shall be in non-monetary form; the subsidy shall be directly credited to the student-grantee's account in UP Mindanao

Ride UP
(Transportation Allowance)    

This program intends to subsidize cost of transportation of qualified beneficiaries as identified by the Counseling and Testing Section and Scholarship and Financial Assistance Section.     

During the duration of the program, the student-grantee shall have:

•    been able to sustain the daily transportation expenditures in going to and from the campus;
•    been able to attend the classes regularly and avoided incurring absences due to unmet transportation needs;
•    been motivated to pursue his academic goals despite financial difficulties.    

Financial Benefits per grantee every semester:

P35 per day x 22 days a month = P770/month or P3,850/semester

* the grant shall be provided in monetary form

Obligation of Sponsor(s) and terms of conditions:
    The Sponsor(s) shall enter into contract with UP Mindanao through a Deed of Donation and Acceptance indicating the terms and conditions between the sponsor and partner University.
    Included in the said agreement are as follows :
a)    specific amount to be donated and the program to be supported;
b)    advance funding/amount to be deposited equivalent to the coverage of the grant or program for the whole semester;
c)    provisions for renewal every semester with allowance for amendments and modifications for improving  the program as agreed upon by both parties.

Qualifications of the grantee :
1.    Must be a bonafide undergraduate student enrolled in UP Mindanao;
2.    Must be financially in need. The student must be a Socialized Tuition system (STS) grantee. Priority is given to those who are assigned in FDS, PD80 and PD60 whose annual Gross Family Income does not exceed P250,000. He/She must be recommended by the Department Chair;
3.    Must have at least a General Weighted Average of 3.00 or better during the preceding semester;  
4.    Must not have incurred 3 minor offenses or zero major offense and duly recommended by the Dormitory Manager (for those who are applying for the Live UP program).  

Administration and Management:

A. Plate UP or subsidy for the daily meal allowance (to be administered by the Health Services Section in coordination with the Counseling and Testing Section).
a)    Meal stubs will be issued to qualified and selected students for three meals a day from Monday to Friday only. Weekend meals will be the student-grantee's responsibility.
b)    Meal stubs will be good for 1 month only and be used either at CSM canteen or at the Kalimudan Student Center.
c)    Issuance of meal stubs will be done by the Office of Student Affairs via the personnel in-charge of the program. Monitoring and follow-up of the recipient/s shall take place during the monthly issuance.
d)    The student-grantee shall surrender one meal stub and sign a “meal register” every time she takes a particular meal for the day.
e)    Payment to the partner canteens shall be through the UP Mindanao Cash Office one month in advance before the program/grant commences.
f)    Partner canteens will prepare a meal equivalent to the amount indicated in the meal stub consisting of veggies, side dish and main viand (of either fish, chicken, lean meat, eggs, etc. depending on whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner). The focus of the menu will be cheap but healthy food.
g)    Partner canteens will keep and monitor the “meal register” and submit it to OSA every month.

B. Live UP or subsidy for monthly housing allowance (to be administered by the Housing Services Section).
a)    The Student Housing Services will give the list of qualified student residents, who are in need of subsidy, to the Office of Student Affairs 15 days before the start of the check-in period of the dormitory.
b)    The chosen student-recipients must sign the Memorandum of Agreement indicating that they will pay the excess fees in excess of the amount donated.

C. Ride UP or subsidy for the daily transportation allowance (to be administered by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Section in coordination with the Counseling and Testing Section)
a)    The documents necessary in the release of the monetary assistance shall be processed every month by the personnel in-charge of the Office of Student Affairs
b)    Release of grants/benefits shall be through the Cash Office of UP Mindanao.
c)    The student-grantee shall submit the monthly summary of transportation expense to the Office of Student Affairs.

Monitoring and Evaluation :

a)    A student may not avail all of the three programs at the same time; however a qualified student may enjoy either of the two (2) programs at the same time- (a) Plate UP and Live UP or (b) Plate UP and Ride UP.
b)    Recipients of the grants shall be required to submit to OSA thank you letters or notes every semester for the sponsors. OSA shall take charge in forwarding such letters/notes to sponsors.
c)    All person-in-charge through the Scholarships and Financial Section of the Office of Student Affairs shall submit a periodic report every end of the semester.


A copy of the complete program and guidelines may be downloaded by clicking on the link here.

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