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Telephone and E-mail Directory

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Frontpage

Trunk line: (+63 82)2930863 and (+63 82)2930185 

The following telephone lines are also available to access any office: 

293-0310    293-1353    293-0084    293-1839    293-0402    293-0258

For UP College Admission inquiries, call our Registrar at (+63 082)293 0201 or (+63)918 919 0259; or email: 

For Suppliers and Bidders, contact 0917 714 7061


 Mailing address:







Office/ Unit Contact number Email/ Internet address
Office of the Chancellor    
Executive Office  (082) 293 0310
Open Monday to Friday. Accessible by phone and email. 0918 919 6929   
Public Relations Officer 0998 939 2496 
Campus Planning and Development Office 0929 299 6750 
Legal Office 0909 152 4773  
Office of Gender and Development  (082) 297 3652
Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment  (082) 297 3652
GAD and ASH Secretariat 0977 656 0524  
Land Reservation Management Office 0928 559 2797


Office of the COA Resident Auditor 0950 541 5766
Open Tuesdays and Thursdays only; contact by mobile phone or email Mondays to Fridays 0948 340 6195 ;
Technology Transfer and Business Development Office 0998 973 3990
Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs 0928 505 8172
Interactive Learning Center/ Learning Resource Center
Ugnayan ng Pahinungod UP Mindanao 0919 006 8979
College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)    
Office of the Dean 0918 923 9498
Office of the College Secretary
Department of Humanities
College of Science and Mathematics (CSM)
Office of the Dean 0949 850 1074 (Smart)
  0975 571 9174 (Globe)  
Office of the College Secretary 0922 432 3251
Dept. of Biological Science and Environmental Studies   
Dept. of Food Science and Chemistry 0955 071 1053
DFSC Laboratory (MC Aborde)  
Dept. of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science (082)293 0303
DMPCS Laboratory (BD Fuentes)  
School of Management (SOM)
Administrative concerns (082)295 2188 
Academic concerns (082)295 2750 
  0918 919 6927                   
Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Administration (082) 293 0258
  0908 810 8586  
Supply and Property Management Office (SPMO) 09177147061 (new)
Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)


UP Mindanao Foundation Inc. Door 9, Quitain Building, F. Iñigo St. (formerly Anda St.), Davao City. Dr. Anacleto Guevarra, President
UP Alumni Association Davao Inc. Door 9, Quitain Building, F. Iñigo St. (formerly Anda St.), Davao City. Mr. Pedro Quitain III, President  227-5326  


 Administration Building, Left Wing:

Office of the Chancellor: telefax (+63 82) 293-0310; 293-0863 local 9001; e-mail:

Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs: telefax 293-0402; 293-0863 local 9200;   

Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Administration: telefax 293-0258; 293-0863 local 9102; 

Office of the University Registrar: telefax 293-0201; 293-0863 local 9240; 

Technology Transfer and Bus. Dev't Office: 293-0863 local 9602; 

Campus Planning and Dev't Office: 293-0863 local 9004;      

Legal Office: 293-0863 local 9040; 

Office of Research: 
Office of Student Affairs: 293-1353; e-mail:
Office of Extension and Community Service/UP Pahinungod: telefax 293-1353; e-mail:

Information Technology Office:  293-0863;
Supply and Property Management Office: telefax 293-0185;

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS), Administration Building, Right Wing:  

Office of the Dean: 293-0863  

Dept. of Architecture: 293-0863 
Dept. of Humanities: 293-0863
Dept. of Social Sciences: 293-0863

Office of the College Secretary: 293-0863
Department of Human Kinetics: 293-0863 

Office of Gender and Development; Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment, 297-3652 

College of Science & Mathematics (CSM) Building:

Office of the Dean, 293-0863

Front Entrance Guard: 293-0312 

Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science (DMPCS), 293-0303   

School of Management (SOM):

Office of the Dean: 295-2750 

Office of the College Secretary: 295-2188

Elias B. Lopez (EBL) Hall Building:

EBL Hall Dormitory & Clinic: 293-0863
University Library, Main Library: 293-1764 
Interactive Learning Center / Learning Resource Center: 296-3563 

UP Mindanao Foundation Inc.: Mr. Anacleto "Quitoy" Guevarra, President. Mail: Door 9, Quitain Building, F. Iñigo St. (formerly Anda St.), Davao City. Telefax 227-5326. Email:

UP Alumni Association Davao Inc.: Mr. Pedro "Bogs" A. Quitain III, President; Mailing Address: Door 9, Quitain Building, F. Iñigo St. (formerly Anda St.), Davao City. Telefax 227-5326.  Official email address: 2. Alternate email address: 3. Official telephone number: 09258596565; 4. Alternate telephone number: 09175778695


CAMPUS ROAD NAMES. From a memo from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Administration, July 2011

The Executive Committee during its Special Meeting on 4 July 2011 came up with the consensus on the names of these roads and lanes as follows:

1. University Avenue – the road from the University main entrance to the Oblation plaza. 

2. Oblation Circle – the road around the Oblation plaza.

3. Student Center Lane – the road in front of the University Student Council and Himati Buildings. This connects Bagobo Road to University Avenue.

4. Bagobo Road – the road from the Rehabilitation Center [DCTRCDD] up to the boundary of the newly paved road located beyond the EBL Hall. [Note: In 2022, this is in front of the new dormitory] 

5. Bagobo Lane – the road from the Oblation Circle to the Bagobo Road.

6. Maguindanao Road – the road from the end of Bagobo Road up to the front of the CSM lawn.

7. Maguindanao Lane – the driveway from the Maguindanao Road to the front of the CSM Bldg.

8. Kalimudan Lane – the road from Student Center Lane to the Kalimudan Student Center.

9. Mandaya Lane – the road to the School of Management and the Human Kinetics Center.



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