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Swim Team in SCUAA National Meet, 2017

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The U.P. Mindanao Swim Team received a heroes welcome from U.P. Mindanao officials and staff upon their return from their pioneering participation in the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association National Meet held in Batangas City on 20-22 February 2017. A gold medal was captured by varsity swimmer Juan Antonio Mendoza (BS Agribusiness Economics), who won the 50-meter freestyle event as part of the Davao Region Swim Team--a majority of which was composed of UP Mindanao Swim Team members Paula Yap (BS Computer Sci.), Dominique Epie (BS Agribusiness Economics), Bhazel Acac (BS Food Tech.), Joemer Aliman (BS Applied Math.), medal-winner Mendoza, Angelica Jem Verga and Kathrine Hintay (both BS Architecture)--with Elthon Buhay, John Cuyos, and Carlo Nazareno completing the team. Instructor Albert Ramos (Dept. of Human Kinetics) served as coach of the Region Swim Team.

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CHSS for Society, 2017

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in News

In celebration of its 22nd Anniversary, UP Mindanao presented the Science for Society Symposium 2017 on February 22 on the theme "From Insights to Impacts: Transforming Mindanao Through Research". This featured lectures in the natural, applied, and human sciences.

According to Research Director, Dr. Emma Bayogan, the symposium emphasized the importance of communicating research and science to the public through forums and other media, and contribute to development.      

Academician Dr. Evelyn Mae Tecson-Mendoza began by speaking on scientists' responsibilities to practice ethics, create public awareness, and lead regulatory initiatives for government in her keynote lecture, "Doing our Share".

In the built environment, Architect Isidoro Malaque III (Dept. of Architecture) proposed housing policies for informal settlements in "My Journey Through Space: Research in Architecture and Urban Planning".

From anthropology, Instructor Janus Ruel Cabazares (Dept. of Social Sciences) spoke of the Matigsalug language in "How Speaking Uncovers Concepts of Spirits".     

From arts and humanities, Dr. Genevieve Jorolan-Quintero (Dept. of Humanities) related how her research into the indigenous peoples created new experiences for writing in "Finding My Writing Space: From Research to Storytelling".

The talks were mixed with a "live interview" where the speakers engaged in conversation with the audience and interviewer Mr. Michael Bonghanoy. Among the audience members who participated were constituents of Brokenshire College, Holy Cross College of Davao, Davao Doctors College, and University of Mindanao.

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