Teaching effectiveness for the faculty

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DSC 0815 cropA Teaching Effectiveness Course was held for new and returning faculty members of U.P. Mindanao, conducted by Josefa Carina Veluz-Clavio, assistant professor of the UP College of Education, and Celia T. Adriano, retired professor of education and former assistant vice president for academic affairs. The Course, held on January 12-14, focused on designing and developing instructional plans for higher education, in line with UP President Pascual's strategy to modernize pedagogy. The faculty members who attended were Angelo Felix N. Regalado, Myrafe L. Sebastian (Dept. of Architecture), Marion John M. Achondo, Aileen Grace D. Delima, Maria Catherine B. Otero, Cyrose Suzie Silvosa-Millado (Biological Science and Environmental Studies), Juma Novie A. Alviola, Erwin Oliver V. Fundador (Food Science and Chemistry), Nelfa M. Glova, Julius Neil A. Piala (Humanities), Albert Francis T. Ramos (Human Kinetics), Maureen D. Agrazamendez, Alexis Bernard A. Dalam, Leo Manuel B. Estaña, Miguel Carlo S. Guillermo, Marie Analiz A. Limpoco, Armacheska R. Mesa, Anthony Francis G. Montecillo, April Jane S. Sillada (Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science), Albert J. Santos, Ana Raissa T. Trinidad (Social Sciences), Pedro A. Alviola IV, and Harvey M. Niere (School of Management). The Interactive Learning Center, under a/Prof. Aurelia Luz Gomez, and Vice Chancellor Karen Cayamanda coordinated the activity.  

Literary Translation Workshop, Nov. 2014

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The Samahan ng mga Guro ng Panitikan sa Dabaw (SAGUP-DABAW) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) will hold a Literary Translation Workshop on November 27 to 30, 2014 at the Bahay Alumni of Brokenshire College, Madapo Hills, Davao City.  Fellows selected for the workshop are:  John Rey Aleria, Jennie Arado, Kenneth Ballena, Cupidlyn Banoyo, Dante Calamba, Christine Cervantes, Dominique Gerald Cimafranca, Julian dela Cerna, Darryl Shane Gravador, Hazel Meghan Hamile, Marina Hamoy, Aida Lozano, Virgion Mamonong, and Joan Natad. The keynote lecture, “Angels and Oarsmen: What Makes a ‘Good’ Translator,” will be delivered on November 27 at 10 am by Mr. Marne Kilates, award-winning poet and translator. Panelists include Kilates, Macario Tiu, Don Pagusara, John Bengan, and Judith Dalagan. Workshop Director Rhodora Ranalan invites the public to attend the sessions, in which panelists will discuss translations of Philippine literature submitted by the Fellows. Daily lectures on the theory and practice of literary translation will also be conducted from 9-10 am.

Entamoeba histolytica with Dr. Nozaki

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Dr. Tomoyoshi Nozaki, a medical doctor and director of the Japan National Institute of Infectious Diseases Department of Parasitology, and a visiting professor in University of Tsukuba, visited UP Mindanao on 13 October 2014. Dr. Nozaki gave a talk on "Unique evolution of metabolism, pathogenesis, and organelles in the enteric protozoon Entamoeba histolytica".  According to Dr. Nozaki, E. histolytica is of medical significance because it is the second protozoan killer after malaria, and the pathogen responsible for human amoebiasis. It is ingested in contaminated food and water and causes dysentery, colitis, and liver abcess. Dr. Nozaki's research ojective is to develop new chemotherapeutic and prophylactic measures against amoebiasis, which is among the list of neglected tropical diseases. For researchers interested in studying these diseases, Dr. Nozaki proposed collaborations with the Japanese government program SATREPS, the Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development, which promotes international joint research between developing countries and the Japan Science and Technology Agency, which provides competitive research funds for science and technology projects, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency. Based on the needs of developing countries, the SATREPS program aims to address global issues and lead to research outcomes of practical benefit to both local and global society. Dr. Nozaki was accompanied by his student, UP Mindanao Associate Professor Aleyla de Cadiz of the Dept. of Biological Science and Environmental Studies. Also present in the talk were faculty members of Davao Doctors College, University of the Immaculate Conception, and San Pedro College, and UP Mindanao students and faculty led by Dean Annabelle Novero.

Dr. Bildstein on Raptor Ecology

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UP Mindanao was privileged with a visit on 14 October 2014 by Dr. Keith Bildstein who gave a talk on the topic, "What's new in raptor movement ecology: The view from Hawk Mountain". Dr. Bildstein is the Sarkis Acopian Director of Conservation Science of the Acopian Center for Conservation Learning. He began his talk by introducing the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in the Appalachian mountains where bird migration studies have been pursued since the 1940s and which is now a tourist attraction. Their conservation studies focus on raptors, which are scavenging birds of prey. These include peregrine falcons, turkey vultures, buzzards, sparrowhawks, caracara, and the Asian birds Gyps indicus, and Gyps bengalensis, that are now endangered species. Their studies aim to avoid the loss of these ecologically significant bird populations. He described the techniques and technologies that are used, and the migration patterns they have observed. He disclosed that 59% of the 13 species worldwide are endangered, leading to the conclusion that there is a crisis in vulture conservation. He envisioned that conservation strategies need to have “adaptive” data collection, data sharing, and collaborative research. Dr. Bildstein was accompanied by Dr. Marc Bechard, professor of Boise State University and director of the Raptor Research Center. They were welcomed upon their arrival by Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion. The talk on 14 October was arranged by alumna and US post graduate student Camille Concepcion, and was attended by UP Mindanao students and faculty,  visiting bird enthusiasts Mr. Alex Tiongco and Ms. Tess Cervero, and staff of the Philippine Eagle Foundation led by Executive Director Dennis Salvador.

October 2014: Dula and other public events

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IN OCTOBER 2014, the public affairs activities are DULA sports festival and other events:  JENESYS: Japan Trip of selected BACA students * Paper presentation by a/Prof. Quintero at International Conference on Arts, Culture & the National Development Plan * SOM Research Lecture Series: “Conducting Literature Review”, by Ms. MO Montiflor * Forum: People’s Initiative Against Pork * SOM Film Forum: “Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy” * Inception meeting of DOST-PCAARRD-funded project, "Reinvigorating the Philippine Coconut Industry through the Coconut Somatic Embryogenesis Technology (CSet)" * Signing of Scholarship Agreement with Sun Life Foundation * Agribusiness Economics Forum 2014: “Advancing Agriculture through Government Support” * Meat-processing Seminar for Bgy. Women *  Lecture: "Unique evolution of metabolism, organelles, and vesicular traffic in Entamoeba", by Dr. Nozaki * DULA 2014 * Basketball: Admin. vs. CSM * Volleyball, Women: Admin. vs. SOM * Basketball: SOM vs. CHSS * Volleyball, Men: CSM vs. SOM * Lecture of Dr.Keith Bildstein: "What’s new in raptor movement ecology” * SOM Research Lecture Series: “Identifying research questions and objectives” * 1st National Communications Research in the Philippines (CoRePH) Conference * Agribusiness Economics Forum 2014: “MindaNOW: Promoting Agritourism and Environmental Sustainability” * Tagbo Student Leadership Camp * Baking Seminar for Bgy. Women * Basketball: Admin. vs. CHSS * Volleyball, Women: CSM vs. CHSS * Basketball: CSM vs. SOM * Volleyball, Men: Admin. vs. CHSS * Agribusiness Economics Forum 2014: “2015 and Beyond: Leveraging the Strengths of Mindanao’s Agribusiness Sector” * Workshop on Psychosocial Response &  Assistance in Times of Disaster * Bowling: ALL * UPAA Davao election of directors * Oscar Mora Cup 7-aside, inter-school ladies football festival * Davao Writers Workshop with a/Profs. Bengan, Daliling, de Veyra, as panelists * Marketing Skills Seminar for Barangay Women; Closing Ceremony of Livelihood Training Program for Women in Bgy. Mintal & Bgy. Bago Oshiro * DULA 2014 WEEK: Opening Ceremony; Banner-raising; Cheer dance: ALL * Pinoy Games; Chess/Dama; Table Tennis : ALL * Basketball: Admin. vs. SOM * Volleyball, Women: Admin. vs. CSM * Basketball: CSM vs. CHSS * Volleyball, Men: Admin. vs. SOM * Lawn Tennis: ALL * Volleyball, Women: SOM vs. CHSS * Volleyball, Men: Admin vs. CSM * Lawn Tennis: ALL * Volleyball, Women: Admin. vs. CHSS * Volleyball, Men: SOM vs. CHSS * Athletics; Cyber Games; Scrabble exhibition game; Soccer exhibition game: ALL * Volleyball, Women: CSM vs. SOM * Volleyball, Men: CSM vs. CHSS * DULA 2014 Awarding Ceremony

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