Dialogue with Faculty Regent Abadingo

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Faculty Regent Lourdes Abadingo came to UP Mindanao on September 19, 2013 for a dialogue with the faculty members. She was welcomed by Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion, VCAA Karen Cayamanda, and former UP Manila colleague Ricardo de Ungria. In the forum, Prof. Adela Ellson, president of the All UP Academic Employees Union, initiated the preliminary discussions which led the regent to remark that many of the issues and concerns raised were similar to the other constituent universities: Productivity-based Bonus; promotion rules and differing rates among CUs; a better selection process for academic officials; overload rates; guidelines and possible incentives for extension work; the absence of earning points for faculty members holding administrative positions; confusion over the correct academic guidebook; absence of "banking" for earned academic points; the need for an improved grievance mechanism; taxes; housing, and enhanced medical benefits. The foremost concern raised as being unique to UP Mindanao was the lack of items and its effects, such as: promotion constraints; demoralization; unattractive compensation for prospective faculty members; loss of incentives/multipliers for off-hours service; gaps in service record caused by study leave; loss of vacation time; disparity of credit for human kinetics, laboratory, and NSTP faculty; disparity of required points for departments with postgraduate programs and those without; and the effect of K-12. Some of the suggestions were: to avail of PhD Fund to pay substitute faculty; convert the lump sum to regular items; and for single faculty members to marry in order to decrease tax payments. Some of the agreements were: to avail of the Phd modernization program; that all faculty members paid from lump sum should write the university president. The regent asked the union president to help in crafting appropriate actions to address the other concerns: to reiterate housing needs; a doctor for the infirmary; improved API guidelines to include equipment; fixed appropriation for wellness, among other concerns.

UP System Committee on Admissions

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The rules for admission to the University of the Philippines were the subject of discussion in UP Mindanao's Lorenzo Hall on September 16, 2013. This was initiated by the visit of the PAEP Study Group/System Committee on UP Admissions headed by Prof. Teodoro Mendoza (Department of Agronomy, UP Los Banos) as chairperson, with Prof. Rolando Simbulan (Department of Social Sciences, UP Manila) and Prof. Ramon "Bomen" Guillermo (Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature, UP Diliman), as members. Prof. Karen Cayamanda, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, welcomed the Committee and enjoined the UP Mindanao constituents who were present to participate freely. Prof. Simbulan, former Faculty Regent, set the tone for the consultation with the question, "What is UP education?" and "For whom is UP?" Prof. Mendoza discussed the  existing tuition fee structure and the characteristics of the current student population, the macro-economic situation and its relation to the education sector, and the government's plans for the higher education sector (such as decreasing the number of state universities and colleges, and transforming them into income-generating entities, among others). In the free-wheeling consultation period, the UP Mindanao constituents brought out suggestions such as: a more flexible application period; a simpler application process including possibly waiving the application fee; a ladderized curriculum to benefit non-passers of UPCAT, among other suggestions which were taken note of by the Committee.

Visit of Ms. Sarah van den Boogaard

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Ms. Sarah van den Boogaard, Program Coordinator of Asia Business Channel, visited UP Mindanao on September 11, 2013. She was accompanied by UP Mindanao Foundation (UPMFI) Chairman Sebastian "Anggie" Angliongto, who is also the Chairman Emeritus of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Ms. van den Boogaard was received by Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion, who shared some information on the University and its present thrusts. At the College of Science and Mathematics she was received by College Dean Annabelle Novero, Dept. of Food Science and Chemistry Chair Prof. Virginia Obsioma, and Dr. Dulce Flores. Ms. van den Boogaard observed the biotech laboratories and was briefed on the Sago biotechnology project. In reponse, she shared bits of her experience in Indonesia in relation to their studies on the sago palm. In addition, she reported having met with UP Board of Regents Chairperson Dr. Patricia Licuanan. Ms. van den Boogaard was in Davao to visit some higher educational institutions and observe economic activities. Ms. van den Boogaard is a native of the Netherlands and her company headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Visit of Central Mindanao University students

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Students of Central Mindanao University visited UP Mindanao on September 11, 2013. CMU is located in the Municipality of Musuan, Province of Bukidnon. The students were enrolled in the Animal Science and Dairy Special Course under the auspices of the College of Agriculture Department of Animal Science. The timing of their visit was fortunate for coinciding with the early stages of the UP Mindanao's project, the Mindanao Cattle Research and Development, and the presence of project proponent and consultant Dr. Cecilio Felix. Dr. Felix took the opportunity to speak to the students on the topic that is familiar to both of the parties, cattle raising and the finer points of the science. The field trip was endorsed by CMU Dean Ma. Luz L. Soriano with Prof. Ramon C. Taal as Field Trip In-Charge. 

"Malan" movie holds first-screening in UP Mindanao

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"Malan", the Davao-produced film was given a first screening in UP Mindanao on September 9, 2013. The screening was organized by the UP Salida student organization and was held in Lorenzo Hall, UP Mindanao Administration Building. The screening was graced by officials of Buhilaman Productions, the producer of the film. Students were awed and deeply moved by the narrative and the depiction of life among the indigenous peoples. Screenplay writer Agustin "Don" Pagusara Jr., producer Malou Tiangco, and original story writer Cipriano "Peping" Domingo shared their experiences in making the film to the students.            

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