Faculty Members

Updated June 2017

Listing by: Department; NAME of Faculty Member; Rank; Highest Educational Attainment

Department of Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies (DBSES)

ACHONDO Marion John M. MS Zoology
BAYOGAN Emma Ruth  V.
PhD Horticulture
CAMINO Fritzie A. MS Biology
DE CADIZ Aleyla E. PhD Biomedical Science
DELIMA Aileen Grace D. MS Plant Genetic Resources Conservation
GAMBOA Ruth U. PhD Marine Biology
MANTIQUILLA Junaldo A. MS Biology
MURAO Lyre Anni E.  
NAÑOLA JR. Cleto L. PhD Marine Science
NOVERO Annabelle  U.
PhD Plant Molecular Biology
OBSIOMA Antonio R. PhD Animal Science
MILLADO Cyrose Suzie S. MS Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement

Department of Food Science and Chemistry (DFSC)

ALVIOLA Juma Novie A. PhD Food Science
CALUMBA Kriza Faye A. BS Food Technology (on leave)
DACERA Dominica DM. PhD Environmental Technology
DEL MUNDO Dann Marie N. MS Env. Sci. (on leave)
FRONTERAS Jennifer P. MS Biochemistry
FUNDADOR Noreen Grace PhD Polymer Science
OBSIOMA Virginia P. PhD Animal Science
TAGUBASE Jackie Lou J. MS (on leave)
TOLENTINO Joel Hassan G. PhD Chemistry
LUMAKIN Charles Luke BS Food Tech
FUNDADOR Erwin Oliver V. PhD

Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science (DMPCS)

ACOSTA Joseph E.
PhD Agricultural Engineering
CALAG Vicente B. MS Computer Science
ESTAÑA Leo Manuel B. BS Applied Mathematics
KOBAYASHI Vladimer B. MS Knowledge Mgt. & Data Mining (on leave)
LIMPOCO Marie Analiz A. MS
MATA May Anne  E.
PhD Applied Mathematics (on study leave)
OPONDA Nilo B. PhD Soil Science
CAMINO Kimberly Hazel MS Applied Mathematics
MESA Armacheska R. BS Computer Science
MANLIGUEZ Cinmayii G. BS Computer Science
SANTILLAN Jon Henly O. BS Computer Science


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