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DMPCS publications, 2017

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Dept of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science produced the publications:

•    “Text Mining in Organizational Research” and
•    “Text Classification for Organizational Researchers, A Tutorial”,
both by Vladimer B. Kobayashi, published in “Organizational Research Methods”, Sage Journals, August 2017

•    “Cuckoo Search via Lévy Flights for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem” by Jon Henly O. Santillan, Cinmayii G. Manliguez and Vicente B. Calag  
•    "Cuckoo Search via Levy Flights applied to Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem" by Armacheska R. Mesa, CG Manliguez and VB Calag,
both in “Journal of Industrial Engineering International”, Springer Link, August 2017

•    “Measuring System Usability and Readiness of System Users for Basic Healthcare Awareness and Education” by  CG Manliguez
•    “Design and Development of an Online Repository System for Thesis and Special Problem Manuscripts” by AR Mesa
both in “International Journal on Open and Distance e-Learning”, Vol. 3, No. 1  

•    “A Comparison between Conventional and High-Priority Bus Services in Davao City” by Sherelyn A. Evangelio, Marie Analiz April A. Limpoco and May Anne E. Mata
In “Banwa” Journal, October 2017


Lectures: Knowledge x Change, 2017

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in News

"The Inaugural Lectures: Knowledge x Change" was a public forum held on August 30, featuring research from UP Mindanao. In the opening, Academic Vice Chancellor Nilo Oponda said more efforts are needed to bring the benefits of research to the lives of Filipinos, while Research Director Emma Bayogan said extension service, such as this forum, is the way to achieve these goals. With these objectives in mind, the various lecturers gave talks to the audience in a conversational manner.

Social scientist Leah Miñoza, in her talk on contractualization, likened this to a love story that is not forever--due to the absence of an employer-employee relationship--which affects 20 million workers nationwide who suffer "heartbreaks".

Poet Darylle Rubino showed a sample of concrete poetry in his poem "Flom'lok" using spaces between words and verses to create a poem with a visual character--which in his poem depicted an image of Mt. Matutum.

Biologist Mae Responte related her affinity with spiders from her youth to her professional life that led to her discovery of a species of spider that now bears her name--"Calapnita mae".

Professors John Bengan, Myfel Paluga, and Andrea Ragragio showed on video the practice by marginalized peoples of extracting edible starch from palm trees.    

Economist Jedi Ebarle-Bangcaya described her infatuation with goats as the "poor man's cow" for providing the meat that is among the healthiest and milk that is the closest substitute to that of humans, but which industry needs more support from government.

Food technologist Marbie Alpos said food and vegetables make up half of total crop production nationwide and that farmers will benefit greatly from its extended shelf-keeping life thru the use of the fiber named chitosan.

Mathematician Kenneth Montajes discussed the fluctuating electrical power situation in Mindanao and proposed the use of the mathematical model "Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average" or ARIMA to achieve a more accurate forecast of electrical demand.

Architect Kristin Olalo, a third-placer in the 2016 board exam, offered throw-away materials for use in building evacuation centers.

Mathematician Kim Ligue, the last speaker, recalled the life-threatening flooding incident in Matina-Pangi, Davao City and how LiDAR mapping technology could be adopted to prevent similar recurrences in the future.

(See the photos here: Knowledge x Change)

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