Supply Chain Forum, 2010

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5th UP Mindanao Supply Chain Management Forum
February 5, 2010 (Friday)
UP Mindanao, Davao City
Organized by the School of Management
Funded by HORT 2007/066/04
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)




Philippine National Anthem
Welcome Remarks
Dr. Gilda Rivero
Chancellor, UP Mindanao
Overview of the Project
Dr. Sylvia Concepcion
Component Coordinator
HORT 2007/066/04
Dean, School of Management, UP Mindanao
Initial Results of the Marketing Survey
Dr. Peter Batt
Professor, Curtin University of Technology
Adjunct Professor, UP Mindanao
Collaborative Marketing Groups: Concepts and Theories
Dr. Roy Murray-Prior
Professor, Curtin University of Technology
Adjunct Professor, UP Mindanao
Introduction to the 8-Step Clustering Approach
Mr. Floro Israel
Program Manager, UP Mindanao
Open Forum
Coffee Break
Case Study: Ned Cluster
Mr. Jerick Axalan
Research Assistant, UP Mindanao
Case Study: Exploring Market Linkage of Cluster Farmers in Lantapan and Impasog-ong, Bukidnon
Mr. Rodel Real
Research Assistant, UP Mindanao
Prof. Luis Antonio Hualda
Faculty, UP Mindanao
Mr. Dante Apara
Agro-enterprise Coordinator,
UP Mindanao
The Tie That Binds: The Case of Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Sitio Quirogpang
Ms. Marilou Montiflor
University Research Associate,
UP Mindanao
Mr. Ricardo Bacus
Agro-enterprise Coordinator,
UP Mindanao
Open Forum
Closing Remarks
Mr. John Oakeshott
Philippine Horticulture Manager


Forum on Maguindanao Massacre

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1:00-4:00PM, 03 December 2009 (Thursday)

Lorenzo Hall, University of the Philippines Mindanao

Organized by the Department of Social Sciences (DSS), CHSS, UP Mindanao


After the singing of the national anthem, Prof. Maria Araceli Dans-Lee (CHSS Dean) delivered her opening remarks. She stressed the importance of the forum in fleshing-out issues and concerns regarding the topic. She also grieved and sympathized with the family of the victims of the massacre. After which, Prof. Myfel Joseph Paluga (DSS Chair) provided the rationale/background of the forum. The concept of “warlordism” was discussed and its historical context was provided as it is an important tool in understanding the issue. What follows was the talk of the invited speaker and the DSS senior faculty member’s discourse on the issue. An open forum was held as the culminating part of the program.


The keynote speaker was Ms. Zaynab Ampatuan, the chairperson of Suara Bangsamoro organization and partylist. She started her talk by discussing the “Moro problem” which has its historical roots that trace back to the Spanish colonial era. She argued that the incident is not just a simple carnage of power-hungry political clans. Instead, it is a part-and-parcel of bigger political, social and economic problems that confronted the region for ages. Particularly, the Marcos period was the most tumultuous era that aggravated the tension between Moros, Christians and Lumad.

Ms. Ampatuan also emphasized there are more atrocities that have been committed by the Ampatuan clan in Maguindanao. The current carnage is just the most publicized that caught not just the national attention but of the international community as well. She ended her presentation by calling for justice for all the victims of the massacre.

After Ms. Ampatuan’s talk, Ms. Rosnifa Dimakuta, a representative from UP Mindanao Association of Muslim Students (UPMAMS) and a fourth year student of BA Anthropology program, shared her personal insights about the issue. She was saddened by the event because it intensified the stereotype against the Muslim people as violent and war-freak people. She called for serving of justice for all the victims as well as deeper understanding of the incident as it affects not just the place where it took place but the whole region as well.

Senior faculty members of DSS also shared their views and insights regarding the issue. The currently hired senior lecturer, Fr. Emmanuel Nabayra, read his 2-page paper which was entitled “The Need for a Study on Deviant Leadership Behaviors”. In his talk, Fr. Nabayra vehemently condemned the savage behavior of the perpetrators of the crime and asked for the root causes of such behavior. He called for the social scientist to study these deviant behaviors to mitigate similar future incidents that may take place.

After Fr. Nabayra’s talk, Prof. Raymundo Pavo raised points for discussion on the issue. He said that the said incident allows us to reflect on our existence as species-being, examining on our capacities to act out beyond the social and moral conventions. The issue also raised notions on continuity and discontinuity – people may empathize with the victims and condemn such behavior as it taints the image of the nation, at the same time people also distance themselves from such barbaric acts as they cannot imagine it within the spectrum of their moral and social precepts.

Lastly, Prof. Antonio Moran, Ph.D. delivered his presentation that revolved around the concept of collective violence. He discussed the current knowledge on how the state throughout the world deals with mass violence. Dr. Moran explored the possibilities on how the Philippine government will act on the issue, as dictated by law and expected by its citizenry. After his talk, an open forum followed.


The number of students who attended the forum was very overwhelming. These are some of the questions raised by the students during the open forum:

 What is the extent of political threat posed by Mangudadatu to the Ampatuans that resulted to this carnage?

 Is there a need to equip the media men (journalists particularly) with extra protection in covering areas such as Maguindanao?

 If the Mangudadatus will replace the political dominance of Ampatuans, is there a promise of change? Or will they become the next warlords?

 How should justice be served to the victims of the massacre? What should be the expectations from the government?

Forum on Tamugan River (2009)

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IMG 3933 IMG 3937 IMG 3938

ORIGINAL POST: A forum on the "Tamugan River Surface Water Development Plan"  will be held on Monday, July  20, 2009, 1:00-4:00 P.M. at the Lorenzo Hall, Administration Building, UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. The public is invited. The presentors are from the Davao City Water District. The forum is organized by  DCWD  and the UP Mindanao Office of Extension and Community Service. Inquiries may be directed to Mr. Joel Sagadal at 293-04-94

Consultative Forum for UP's Next 100 Years

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DSC 8911
ORIGINAL POST: A “Consultative Forum on the Roadmap of UP’s Next 100 Years” will be conducted by UP Mindanao on Friday, April 17, 2009 at Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City. The Forum will gather inputs from the stakeholders of UP Mindanao and bring these to a UP system-wide conference to be held in the month of May. The Keynote Address to the Forum will be given by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and 1st District (Davao City) Congressman Prospero C. Nograles. The Plenary Speakers are UP Mindanao Chancellor Gilda C. Rivero, Mindanao Business Council Chairman Vicente T. Lao, MindaNews Executive Director Carolyn O. Arguillas and Davao City Councilor Ma. Belen Sunga-Acosta. The Panel of Reactors for the different speakers includes businessmen Sebastian L. Angliongto and Mr. Luciano Frederick Puyod III, Ateneo de Davao Univ. Director Fr. Albert E. Alejo, S.J. and Atty. Pedro P. Morales Jr., among others. To serve among the Moderators for the various Open Forums are DLPC Executive Vice President Manuel M. Orig, Davao Doctor’s Hospital Medical Director Dr. Celia C. Castillo and former NEDA Regional Director Nicasio Angelo J. Agustin. Synthesis of the Forum will be provided by UP Mindanao Research Director Larry N. Digal and the Closing Remarks will be delivered by former National Power Corp. President Guido Alfredo A. Delgado. According to UP Mindanao Vice-Chancellor for Administration Prof. Miguel D. Soledad, “the holding of the Consultative Forum will ensure that the dreams, wishes and expectations of the Mindanao constituency will be brought into the UP System planning table”. The upcoming UP System-wide strategic planning itself is a result of the 2008 Centennial Lecture Series wherein various speakers proposed thrusts and directions for UP in the future.

Making Science Work For You (2009)

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IMG 1182 IMG 1228 IMG 1230

A forum titled "Making Science Work for You" will be held at the UP Mindanao College of Science and Mathematics on February 25, 2009. The theme of the forum is "science-based agriculture" and it will include a presentation of the book “The Unfolding Gene Revolution” by Dr Eufemio Rasco, winner of the 2008 Outstanding Book Award from the National Academy of Science and Technology. The forum is sponsored by the Initiative for Farm Advocacy and Resource Management (IFARM) in cooperation with Croplife Philippines. The program follows:  
Welcome Message: Dr. Dulce Flores for Dr. Reynaldo Abad, Dean, College of Science and Mathematics, UP Mindanao
"Towards Good Agriculture Practice-Compliant Mango Production": Dr. Calixto Protacio, Professor of Horticulture, UP in Los Banos; Chairman, IFARM
"Coconut: Challenges and Opportunities in Production and Processing": Dr. Renato Labadan, ‘71 TOYM awardee (Agriculture Science); Author, “Coconut: the Philippine Money  Tree”, 2006 National Book Awardee from the Manila Critics’ Circle  and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
"The FPA and its role in Regulating the Agchem Industry": Dr. Dario Sabularse, Deputy Executive Director, Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (FPA)
"Global Positioning System New Technology for Farm Application": Dr. Emily Fabregar, Head, Technical Committee, PBGEA
The Book “The Unfolding Gene Revolution”/New Research: Dr. Eufemio Rasco Jr., Professor, UP Mindanao; Plant Breeder; ’84 TOYM Awardee
Closing Remarks: Sim Cuyson, Executive Director, Croplife

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