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Names of University Roads/ Public Utility routes

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The University, as of this date, has in place a number of new roads and lanes. The Executive Committee during its Special Meeting on 4 July 2011 came up with the consensus on the names of these roads and lanes as follows:

1. University Avenue – the road from the main entrance to the Oblation plaza. This road has two segments.

2. Oblation Circle – the road around the Oblation plaza.

3. Student Center Lane – the road in front of the University Student Council and Himati Buildings. This leads to the Bagobo Road from the University Avenue.

4. Bagobo Road – the road from the area of the Rehabilitation Center up to the boundary of the newly paved road located beyond the EBL Hall.

5. Bagobo Lane – the road from the Oblation Circle to the Bagobo Road.

6. Maguindanao Road – the road from the boundary of the Bagobo Road to the front of the CSM lawn.

7. Maguindanao Lane – the road from the Maguindanao Road to the front of the CSM Bldg.

8. Kalimudan Lane – the road from Student Center Lane to the Kalimudan Student Center.

9. Mandaya Lane – the road to the School of Management and the Human Kinetics Center.

The appropriate road signages shall be put up soon.





The long desire for UP Mindanao to have a licensed and safe public transport for its constituents is slowly getting to be realized. The University Executive Committee during its Special Meeting on 4 July 2011 accepted the proposal offered by the Santan Tricycle Operators & Drivers Association (SANTODA) to operate inside our campus. The SANTODA will deploy genuine tricycles cabs, which could transport four passengers at a time.

The authorized SANTODA tricycles, along with the Ikot Jeepneys will ply through the first half of the University Avenue. From this point, these authorized transport vehicles may turn right to Mandaya Lane to access the School of Management and Human Kinetics Center. These authorized vehicles may also turn left from this point of the University Avenue to the Student Center Lane to access the Kalimudan Lane. The Student Center Lane connects to the Bagobo Road, which in turn, connects to the Maguindanao Road, which leads to the College of Science and Mathematics area.

The second and interior half of the University Avenue and the Bagobo Lane will remain OFF LIMITS to PUJ, Tricycles and Habal-habal units. The Bagobo Lane connects from the Oblation Circle to the Bagobo Road. A guard will be posted at the end of the Bagobo Lane intersecting with the Bagobo Road to control the boom for access of University personnel coming from this area of the campus with business to transact at the Administration building.




Arki students win Contest for Sustainable Urban Transport

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements

A team of BS Architecture students emerged as Winner in the Visioning Contest for Sustainable Urban Transport for Davao City. Another team of BSA students also ended up as a finalist in the contest. The winning team named Davao STEPP Team is composed of BS Architecture students April C. Gabayan, Mykel Edrian Barcena, Rochelle Rhema Caballo, Murielle June Yucamco and Arturo Ravelo III. Also a finalist in the contest was the team ECOH-TRANS DAVAO composed of Jessamine Kuh Fortuna and Kimberly Bonghanoy.   

The contest was organized by the SUTRAD or Sustainable Urban Transport for Davao City, a project funded by the ADB in cooperation with the City Government of Davao and the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).

The SUTRAD project will assist Davao define its own path to the development of its urban transport: the green road to prosperity and mobility.  Through this visioning contest, the project is encouraging Davaoenos to take part in charting a better future for Davao City.

To join the contest, a Vision Team must submit a one-page concept paper that embodies the philosophy of sustainable urban transport and reflects the aspirations of Davao residents for a sustainable city.  It must be unique and not a copy of some other city’s vision.

Finalists were chosen on 30 March 2011 and were given one week to refine or improve their concepts and vision statements. A significant cash prize is included in the winner's prize package. The awarding ceremony was held on May 4, 2011.


Below are some file photos of the winners with Chancellor Rivero during Recognition Ceremony 2011. Ms. Fortuna is seen with her father. Ms. Caballo is seen with Prof. Ayson.


April C. Gabayan


Rochelle Rhema Caballo


Murielle June A. Yucamco

DSC09598Arturo G. Ravelo III DSC09621Jensamine Kuh Fortuna

Students selected as Youth Ambassadors to Japan

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Five students in Japanese language classes under Prof. Teody Boylie Perez were chosen as Youth Ambassadors for “Visit Japan: 2011 JENESYS Programme”. JENESYS stands for Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths. The selected students are:

Julie Kristine A. De Guzman (BAE)

Kein Ross C. Tripoli (BACA)

Anne L. Eliseo (BACA)

Jetka G. Rosos (BACA)

Fila Guia Hidalgo (BACA)

The update is that the trip will be postponed but that it will continue. Once the trip will receive the go-signal, our students will have a tour around JAPAN for 9 days all expense paid by the Japanese government. They will be given the opportunity to visit Japan to learn environmental issues as well as Japan's technology and efforts in addressing these issues. The delegation will stay with Japanese host families living outside of Tokyo, meet local government officials in charge of environmental management and visit universities to exchange views with Japanese students regarding environmental issues in both countries.



14th UPMin Ladies Football Festival

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements

DSC09422_gcr_2_rzd DSC09436_kick_2_rzd
DSC09462_gran_2_rzd DSC09438_up_team_rzd

The 14th UP Mindanao Ladies Football Festival was held on February 19, 2011 at the UPMin Football Field, Mintal, Davao City. Participating teams were Phil. Women's College, Maryknoll School of Lupon, Faith Academy Team A and B, Holy Child School, AL Navarro-Catalunan Grande, and UP Mindanao Team A and B. An Inspirational Message was delivered by UP Mindanao Chancellor Gilda Rivero, who also led the ceremonial kick-off. The Oath of Sportsmanship was administered by UPMin Team Captain Damsel Merced. The tournament was organized by the UP Mindanao Women's Football Varsity Team and the UP Mindanao CWTS class of the Dept. of Human Kinetics and sanctioned by the Davao Football Association.


1st – Philippine Women’s College
2nd – Holy Child
3rd – Faith Academy “A”
4th – Catalunan Grande
Finals: PWC def. Holy Child (2 – 0)
3rd: Faith “A” def. Catalunan Grande (2 – 0)

Individual Awards
“Fighting Spirit in the Field Award” from Siki ni Oble: Shienna Chavez (Holy Child)
Ms. Younghusband Award from Alpha Phi Omega: Sheena Casimiro (PWC)
Soccer Chick (Beauty and Skill) Award from Latagaw Lamdag Society: Rachel Uy (Holy Child)
Rock Side Defense Award from Omega Alpha: Rachel Uy (Holy Child)
Best Striker: June Mae Bunac (PWC)
Most Valuable Player: Sheena Casimiro (PWC)
Semi-finals 1: Holy Child def. Faith Academy “A” (1 – 0)
Semi-finals 2: Philippine Women’s College def. Catalunan Grande (2 – 0)


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