Student Life

Master and Mistress of UP MINDANAO Mechanics

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1. A candidate must be a bona fide student of the University of the Philippines Mindanao.

2. S/He must represent one student organization. Furthermore, an organization is allowed to have only one candidate for Master and one candidate for Mistress. No candidate shall represent two organizations at the same time.

3. Candidates must agree to the objective of the activity, which is to heighten the UP students' awareness of the role of the government in addressing the needs of the people: LGBT, Women’s, Farmer and Laborer’s, and Student’s rights, Freedom of Expression, and Right to Information.

4. Criteria for Judging

Wear Your Org 20%
Casual Attire 15%
Talent 15%
Formal Attire 20%
Question and Answer 30%

TOTAL 100%

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