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UP Quality Policy

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2022 051022 QUALITY POLICY

Quality Policy
The University of the Philippines commits to meeting standards of academic excellence as guided by the UP Charter and defined within the changing context of national, regional, and global developments that profoundly impact universities worldwide.
UP is committed to creating and sustaining a quality culture in all its programs and constituent units supported by a quality management system of global standards to fulfill its vision, mission, and mandate.
With this system, UP shall:
• Produce graduates who will lead in the advancement of knowledge, contribute to national development, and thrive in a changing global landscape;
• Undertake research and creative work to contribute to the pursuit, creation, and translation of knowledge into innovative solutions to national and global problems and challenges;
• Spearhead public service work that brings about meaningful change in the community and the country; 
• Create an environment that supports the holistic development of its students, faculty, research and extension personnel, professional staff, administrative staff, and other stakeholders;
• Deliver stakeholder-driven support services and adhere to the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
As a guide to the continuous improvement of the University's performance in carrying out its mandate, the UP Quality Policy shall be communicated to all stakeholders.

Grading Policy, 04 May 2022

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Maria Cynthia Rose Banzon Bautista, PhD

Vice President for Academic Affairs
University of the Philippines System
3rd Floor, North Wing
Quezon Hall
Diliman, Quezon City 1101 PHILIPPINES
Tel. 632-9818500 local 2528, Mobile +63-919-061-6426


Since the COVID-19 pandemic upended our world in the Second Semester of AY2019-2020, the University of the Philippines has adjusted its academic calendar, mode of course delivery, academic rules, and grading system, guided by three imperatives: Protect the UP community from the pandemic; Sustain the continuity of instruction and learning, and Consider equity concerns in policy decisions.

As we transition to the next normal of teaching and learning in UP in the First Semester AY 2022-2023, we continue to abide by the principles that guided us at the height of the pandemic.  The University remains committed not only to sustaining learning continuity amidst disruptions but to sharpening its focus on how to effectively produce future leaders in different branches of knowledge who embody excellence and honor as well as possess the 21st-century skills needed to address multifarious challenges and thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world.   

Against this backdrop, UP’s grading policy for the Second Semester of AY2021-2022 must be viewed within a temporal context. Like the 11 January, 2022 OVPAA Memorandum 2022-09 on the university policies that apply to the Second Semester/Trimester, Third Trimester, and Midyear 2022, this semester's grading policy does not yet reflect our projected transition to the next normal in the First Semester AY 2022-2023. As a case in point, the no-fail policy remains in force for the remainder of AY 2021-2022. However, unlike the previous semesters, the University rules on giving an INC will now be strictly applied.

Thus, a faculty member may DROP a student whose status is failing or whose performance is unsatisfactory, but no student shall receive a grade of 4 or 5. The ‘DRP’ will be annotated in the Transcript of Records with “due to COVID-19 pandemic”. 

For the guidance of the faculty, students

                      i.    who never participated in class nor communicated with the course instructor/s may be given a DRP;

                     ii.    with incomplete requirements and failing standing shall be given a DRP;

                   iii.    with incomplete requirements but failing standing even if they receive perfect score/s in their lacking requirement/s may be issued a DRP;

                   iv.    with incomplete requirements but passing standing shall be given an INC;

                     v.    with complete requirements but failing standing shall be given a DRP;

                   vi.    with complete requirements and passing standing shall be given a final grade; and,

                 vii.    enrolled in courses (e.g., laboratory, thesis, dissertation) requiring face-to-face activities to complete requirements will have their grades deferred in consonance with OVPAA Memo 2021-19A. A grade will be given if these courses have been allowed to conduct limited face-to-face or alternatives provided by OVPAA Memo 2021-57. 

An INC incurred for a course in the Second Semester/Trimester, Third Trimester AY 2021-2022, and Midyear 2022 that is not completed within the prescription period of one year will remain an INC and annotated with "due to COVID-19 pandemic". Should the student opt to re-enroll a course for which s/he earned an INC in the subsequent term and later decide to complete the INC during the prescription period, s/he should first drop the re-enrolled course.

Grades in the Second Semester/Trimester, Third Trimester AY 2021-2022, and Midyear 2022 are included in the general weighted average (GWA) computation. 

Faculty members are enjoined to exercise utmost prudence in using the DROP option for students in difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic or the devastating typhoons, who, in their judgment, are nevertheless striving to meet academic requirements

The “no-fail policy” is not applicable in cases where the student is guilty of intellectual dishonesty. University procedures should be followed in processing student disciplinary cases.

Thank you. 


Limited Face-to-Face begins 18 April 2022

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  IMG20220418084620 2RZ40 IMG20220418091541 2RZ30
Limited Face-to-Face (F2F) classes started in UP Mindanao on 18 April 2022 following the CHED Regional Office's approval of UP Mindanao's request. The faculty and staff, led by Chancellor Lyre Murao, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Annabelle Novero, and Registrar Karen Cayamanda, welcomed the first group of students at the Monday flag ceremony.
"Today we are celebrating another milestone, and that is to welcome back some students who have been undergoing remote learning [from their homes] for the past two years," said Chancellor Murao (in photo, above). "Remote learning was initiated in response to the pandemic but it's not a perfect system. We need to implement face-to-face activities because there are some learning objectives or learning outcomes that cannot be achieved by remote learning alone. But looking forward,  this is also an opportunity for us to maximize the benefits of blended learning [face-to-face and remote learning], because blended learning is here to stay. And blended learning provides a student learning experience that is personal, collaborative, and engaging so that we can develop our students to be leaders of transformation in our society," she said.
The Agipo Student Drum Ensemble sounded the spirit of celebration through drum beats matched to the rhythm of the UP Mindanao cheer.
For the current 2nd Semester of Academic Year 2021-2022, graduating BS Food Technology and MS Food Science students (in photo, above right) under the Department of Food Science and Chemistry will undergo F2F classes and laboratory work. Other graduating students who need to do fieldwork and/or consultation may also request for limited F2F through a process stipulated in the relevant CHED-DOH Joint Memo Circular and the UP VP for Academic Affairs' memo on the gradual re-opening of campuses.

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