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“Isolation,” directed by Edwin David Priete

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POSTER Isolation - MFF Poster15Through the Eyes of the Isolated:
MFF 2021 Finalist’s Resonating Message
Crazy things could happen when one is isolated. The COVID-19 pandemic came to the country unexpectedly. Most countries, especially third-world countries, weren’t fully equipped to accommodate the surge of patients. People who were clear from the virus were advised to stay at home to avoid catching it. On the other hand, people diagnosed with COVID-19 had to be isolated while recovering in order to avoid the further spreading of this highly contagious disease. Because of isolation, a lot of things essential to the human mind were indefinitely suspended - art showcases, cinemas, leisure spots, social events, and so much more. It’s mentally exhausting.
“Isolation”, directed by Edwin “Ed” David Priete, a rising Davaoeño filmmaker, was created because of - well - isolation itself. This film aims to portray how COVID-19 patients also suffer mentally, not just physically. Recent emerging studies have proven that isolation and quarantine have negatively affected people’s mental health. This is also evident through Priete’s experience when he and his sister were in a local isolation facility. This psychological thriller film is about a woman recovering in a COVID-19 isolation facility; anticipating her discharge day. However, she slowly detaches from reality as she stays in longer.
“To cope with the isolation we were feeling during those 14 days of recovery, we made a short film that reflects the loneliness, depression, and anxiety that was slowly crippling us during our stay,” states Priete on how he came up with the story.
The film was shot using his mobile phone. With his sister’s support, Winnie Priete, who was also in isolation with him, they were able to create a masterpiece. The film also aims to show that despite everything the pandemic has brought, art doesn’t end; that not even a deadly pandemic can stop an artist from doing art.
“With nothing but a mobile phone and a little bit of insanity, we were able to capture how some COVID-19-positive patients may feel when they have to spend 2 weeks in a facility: the days start to blend as if you were stuck in a loop, each longer than the last, and the 14th day feels like it may never arrive,” Priete added.
“Isolation” was produced, directed, shot, and edited by Ed Priete. The cast of the film is as follows: Winnie Priete as herself; Carlin Don Elorde as the caller; and Prince Ed Priete as the child. The film was shot at Sta. Ana National High School Isolation Facility during Priete’s 2- week isolation due to COVID-19.
Edwin "Ed" David J. Priete is a 22-year-old Communication and Media Arts student at the University of the Philippines Mindanao. He is, all in all, a filmmaker, director, editor, writer, and videographer based in Davao City. His film production team, Duwende Films, has already received multiple awards and recognitions from various film festivals and competitions, locally and internationally.
Priete is grateful to the Davao City Sta. Ana Isolation Facility for taking care of him and his sister; the frontliners who risk their lives every day to keep normal things going; and the silent voices who spend days in isolation to protect the people they love.
“Isolation” is vying for the top prize as one of the Official Selection Films for the Main Competition at the 19th Mindanao Film Festival (MFF), which will be out from December 6 to 13, 2021 for streaming on MMF’s Official YouTube Channel (
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“Padayun ta!” (Let’s keep going!)
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Magna Carta of Women webinar

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The Republic Act 9710 is a comprehensive women’s human rights law. One of its features is the protection of women from all forms of violence. As part of UP Mindanao’s observance of the 18-day campaign to end Violence Against Women (VAW), we invited Atty. Romeo T. Cabarde, Jr. to give an orientation of the RA 9710 or Magna Carta of Women. Knowing your basic rights and responsibilities is the key to ending VAW.



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