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In 19th Nat'l Debate, 2017

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U.P. MINDANAO DEBATE SOCIETY (UPMin DebSoc) competed in the 19th National Debate Championship for the first time on 16-21 December 2017 at Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City.

Overall, the UPMin teams ranked in top 20 in the eliminations and qualified for the open breaks; eventually the UPMin teams reached the Open-Quarterfinals. In the Union Cup, UPMin ranked in the top 4 in the Qualifiers and competed in the Union Cup Grand Finals.

In the Open Octofinals, UPMin faced Far Eastern University-Team A, University of San Carlos-A, and Western Mindanao State University-A. UPMin-A debated as Closing-Government on the motion "This House, as the European Union, would impose quotas on its member states for accepting Libyan Refugees". UPMin won and thus proceeded to the Quarterfinals.

In the Open Quarterfinals, UPMin faced UP Diliman-A, University of Sto. Tomas-A, and University of San Carlos-A. The motion was "This House would not require businesses to create products and designs which are against their religious beliefs". UPD-A won 1st place. It was a close fight for 2nd place between USC and UPMin but the judges needed a consensus placing USC at 2nd place and UPMin at 3rd place, thereby ending the UPMin run in the open-breaks.

In the Union Cup Semifinals, UPMin faced USC-A, South Luzon University-A and San Beda College-C. The motion was, "This House would abandon all future direction of gene-editing technology". USC placed 1st and UPMin placed 2nd, sending both to the Union-Cup Grand finals.

In the Union Cup Grandfinals, UPMin-A faced USC-A on the motion "This House would allow criminals to choose mind-wiping as an alternative to criminal punishment". The debate was hotly argued and the initial result was a 4-1 vote in favor of USC. One judge had voted for UPMin but since British Parliamentary rules required a consensus in the panel, the judge eventually conceded to the rest and USC was proclaimed champion in the Union Cup.

The UP-Mindanao contingent was composed of Bryle Bacatan (BS Food Technology), Hyacinth Tiffany Jungco (BA Communication Arts), Wolfe Schievener Ote (BACA) [back] Sarika Rey (BA English), Andres Karl Segovia (BACA), Kimberly Cabantug (BACA), Frederick Omalza (BS Biology), Michael Bacus (BSB), Nissa Caderao (BS Agribusiness Economics), Rezo Polinar (BACA), Karl Tristan Butalid (BA Anthropology).

23rd anniversary, 2018

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Republic Act 7889, An Act Creating the University of the Philippines in Mindanao, was signed into law by President Fidel V. Ramos on February 20, 1995. In 2018, UP Mindanao celebrates its 23rd anniversary. The academic and administrative units and the student sector will provide offerings in celebration of this milestone.

On 01 February 2018 was the Opening Ceremony be held at the Oblation Plaza at 8:30AM. 01 FEBRUARY CEREMONIAL OPENING. The 23rd anniversary celebration of UP-Mindanao began with the Ceremonial Opening held on 1 February at the Oblation Plaza. Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion, in her message, stated that UP Mindanao is now in a "state of maturity". She compared the present and the past for the measure of social capital that were accumulated, and challenged student organizations and staff to prepare for the 25th "silver" anniversary in 2020. The Dance Ensemble performed the highly-spirited "Ritual Dance". The Placing of Solidarity Flags was led by the Chancellor together with University officials. Students followed by placing flaglets onto the ground of the Oblation Plaza while the Koro Kantahanay chorale sang the serenade. According to the anniversary committee spokesperson, "The flags signify diversity within the University of the Philippines Mindanao. Our leaders have the profound responsibility of taking the different units to greater heights while still remaining grounded. Thus we place the flags of various units in a secure post to withstand the great pressures of external forces and remain firm in their core mission and vision. The leadership, however, cannot do it alone. It needs a mix of dynamic individuals and groups ready to cooerate and participate in any challenge. We must not be spectators but active players in pushing forward for the development of UP Mindanao. By working together we can make meaningful output."

College of Humanities and Social Sciences leads the college celebrations on 5-10 February. College of Science and Mathematics follows on 12-17 February. Recognition Programs for students and staff is on 19 February. School of Management offerings are on 20-26 February. The SOM Public Lectures Series is on 21 February at 1-4:30PM. Office of Student Affairs holds their annual "Blood-letting" on 8 February and the "Lecture on Suicide and Depression" on 28 February. The Obu-Manuvu indigenous people's Araw ng Ladi-an celebration at the UP Marilog Land Reservation is on 5 February.

See the photos here:  See the videos here: Chancellors' Remarks; Dance Ensemble performance; Mounting the flags; Snacks.

College of Humanities and Social Science (CHSS) Week leads the college-based celebrations of the 23rd Anniversary of UP-Mindanao. CHSS Week opened with the UP-Mindanao Futsal (indoor football) Tournament on February 3 at the newly-constructed Davao City-UP Sports Complex Training Gym in UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City.

Celebrations move to the Administration Bldg. on Feb. 5-9. The academic forums are on "Safety in Building Management and Urban Land Use Planning" on Feb. 5, the Social Science Lectures on Feb. 6, and the "Forum on Free Education (Republic Act 10931)" on Feb. 7, all scheduled at 1PM at the CHSS AV-Room venue. While, on Feb. 8 is the "Gender Sensitivity Training" at 8AM-12NN also at the AV-Room. On Feb. 9, 1PM, is the "Solidarity Walk & Campus Rising" at the Atrium.

The fun events begin on Feb. 6 with the "Arki-Lamon" boodle-fight at 12NN at the Atrium, and "Pasalidahay" movie screening at 6PM in the AV-Room. On Feb. 7 are 2 screenings of "Football for Peace" movie, tentatively scheduled at 8AM-12NN, and at 4PM is "Literary Cafe" performances, both at the Lorenzo Room. On Feb. 8, 6PM, is "Trivia Nights" at the AV-Room. On Feb. 9.are the screenings of "Pagdakop sa Kahayag" movie at 9AM and at 4PM, both at the AV-Room.

Exhibits and booths of the academic programs will also be on display throughout the week. Games will be hosted by the CHSS student council.

College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) Week gives public offerings on February 12-15 to celebrate the 23rd Anniversary of UP Mindanao. The CSM Research Conference on February 12, 8AM-12NN presents "The difference between a ‘good’ undergraduate thesis and a well-paid industrial research” by Dr. Robert J. Pefferly of Estonian Business School, and "Making Sense of the Sea on a Shoestring" by Dr. Maricor N. Soriano of National Institute of Physics. At 1-3PM are talks on "Optimal investment allocation and savings propensity of the Philippine government", "Ricardian analysis of the impact of climate determinants on aquaculture", "Web-based software system for schedule management and event notification", and "Hunting hot spots approach to bat algorithm", by university researchers. On 13 February, 8AM-12NN are talks on "Evaluation of selected carcass and meat characteristics of beef", "Development of fruit-flavored glazed watermelon rind", and "Comparison of physicochemical and functional properties of wheat and underutilized local flours", and a cooking demo. At 1-3PM are talks on "Predator avoidance behavior of three-stripe damselfish", "Species diversity of molluscs in substrate of nipa palm", "Beetles in the impact sites of Sibulan Hydroelectric power plant", and "A non-invasive molecular profiling method in bats".The student-organized offerings are "Freedom Wall Painting" on Feb. 12, 10AM; "CSM Trivia Night" on Feb. 13, 6PM at Lorenzo Room; "Exhibit on TRAIN" at Feb. 14; and "CSM Night" at Feb. 15, 6PM.  Offerings from the industry sector are the "Recruitment/Job Placement" by Dole Phils. on Feb. 14, and "Chemical and Biological Safety Seminar" by ESCO Phils. on Feb. 15, 9AM.All events are at the CSM Bldg., UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City, except where indicated. The public is invited. Admission to the events is free of charge.

Kasadya, 2017

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U.P. Mindanao celebrated the 2017 Kasadya Christmas Lantern Parade on December 12, 2017 on the theme, "Ipadan-ag ang Kahayag: Pagpalig-on sa Komunidad Pinaagi sa Pagkaanggid ug Kalahian" (Light it UP: Strengthening Our Communities by Celebrating Differences and Similarities)

The festivities began with the Pa-ilaw Lighting of the University Christmas Lanterns at the Oblation Plaza at sunset on December 5. Tall lanterns in the Plaza and the Administration Building Atrium were lighted simultaneously by university officials while the Koro Kantahanay chorale serenaded the audience, the UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble interpreted the music in movement, and the Literary Society contributed a spoken word performance on issues in current events.

The Kasadya Lantern Parade on December 12 started at the University Library, winding thru the campus and culminating in the Administration Building Atrium. The individual lanterns were lighted and paraded before spectators and explained in words by the lantern creators in the ceremony following the parade.

Interspersed between the lantern presentations were performances for the Christmas Dance Competition.

School of Management won First Prize with a lantern portraying the sectors of society and the marginalization of farmers. Academic Affairs won Second Prize with a parol depicting a "well of nourishment within every one that is available for sharing with others." Office of the Chancellor won Third Prize for a parol illustrating the offices comprising it and the cohesion their have achieved.

In the Building Decoration Competition, Central Administration won First Prize, University Library won Second Prize, and School of Management won Third Prize.

In the Christmas Dance Contest, Alpha Phi Omega won First Prize, Society of Math Majors won Second Prize, and Omega Alpha won Third Prize.

The Kasadya celebration ended with a dinner-boodle-fight for everyone.

The Kasadya Lantern Parade culminates the First Semester of Academic Year 2017-2018. Classes for the Second Semester begins on January 15, 2018.

As instructed by UP President Danilo Concepcion, offices throughout the University of the Philippines System, including offices in U.P. Mindanao, will be closed starting 21 December 2017--except for critical services--and will re-open on 03 January 2018.

See the photos here:

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