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UP College Admissions 2022-23 processing on-going

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2022 030922 UPCA APPEALThe Office of Admissions of the University of the Philippines has issued an appeal to the public to wait patiently for updates on the results of applications for UP College Admissions (UPCA) for Academic Year 2022-2023.
The Office is currently processing the documentary requirements of over 100,000 applicants for admission to the University and will issue an update on the applications as soon as possible.

Pre-enlistment and Registration Information, Jan-Feb 2022

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From the Office of University Registrar UP Mindanao


Sat, Jan 29, 2:03 AM

 Dear All,

This afternoon we have activated the pre-enlistment in CSRS. We have received communication that some students are encountering difficulty logging in (invalid credentials,etc.) and loading CSRS. Upon investigation of the IT team, they found that the number of simultaneous connections to CSRS has maxed out. To address this, the IT team is gradually increasing the number of allowable connections. In response as well, we are suggesting that we follow the schedule below to manage the number of connections:
  Morning (6AM-12NOON) Afternoon (12NOON-6PM) Evening (6PM-12midnight) late evening
Jan 29 2BSABE, 2BACMA, 2BAE 2BSB, 2BSArch, 2BSCS 2BSAM, 2BSAnthro, 2BSFT all second year
Jan 30 1BSABE, 1BACMA, 1BAE 1BSB, 1BSArch, 1BSCS 1BSAM, 1BSAnthro, 1BSFT all first year
Jan 31 Masters, Phd, Diploma, Certificates, 4BSAM, 4BSAnthro, 4BSFT 4BSABE, 4BACMA, 4BAE 4BSB, 4BSArch, 4BSCS all fourth year
Feb 1 3BSABE, 3BACMA, 3BAE 3BSB, 3BSArch, 3BSCS 3BSAM, 3BSAnthro, 3BSFT all third year
Course code Course name
BAE BA English
BSArch BS Architecture
BSAnthro BS Anthropology
BACMA Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media arts
BSB BS Biology
BSFT BS Food Technology
BSAM BS Applied Mathematics
BSCS BS Computer Science
BSABE BS Agribusiness Economics
The number preceding the course code indicates the year level, example, 1BSArch means 1st year BS Architecture
Please note that registration advisers, staff and faculty are only available from 8AM-5PM, hence, queries, concerns and issues raised outside these hours will be immediately addressed during the next working period.
We understand that some students may not have ready access to a machine and/or internet connectivity so we are giving them flexibility when they want to pre-enlist. However, for those who can access the internet anytime, kindly follow the schedule.
Why should I follow the sched?
1) I give consideration to those who are buying internet load/data on demand. They won't spend the load needlessly due to constant refreshing of the CSRS site.
2)  I am sure that when I access CSRS, I am almost certain that it will load and I won't be blocked from the system.
3) I will help the pre-enlistment proceed as smoothly as possible.
4) Good for my mental health and the mental health of my fellow students.
Thank you and we expect your usual cooperation.
Mintal, Tugbok District
8022 Davao City, Philippines

Telefax : 63-082-293-0201
Facebook Page: Registrar UPMindanao


From: 'Office of University Registrar UP Mindanao' 
Date: Fri, Jan 28, 2022 at 1:25 PM
Subject: Pre-enlistment and Registration Information

Dear Esteemed Faculty members and Students,

Good day!

It has been communicated to us that SAIS is experiencing some problems (inaccessibility, downtimes, etc.). This problem is system wide and the team assigned to SAIS is working around the clock to remedy the situation. However, due to time constraints and to save us from potential headaches and stresses, we are sad to announce that we are forgoing the use of SAIS this semester or until its problems are suitably addressed. Do not worry about this as this is only a temporary setback, we will persevere to fix the issues encountered by SAIS and finally use SAIS during the midyear.

In order to proceed with the pre-enlistment and enrollment, we will revert to the use of CSRS for the second semester.

The updated schedules are as follows:


Jan 28- Feb 1 → Open to all

General Registration

Feb 2 - Feb 14 → wait for further instructions on the schedule per year level

Canvas subjects and students upload

Jan 28 → start of subjects upload in canvas

Feb 4 → first batch of students  upload in canvas

Other schedule:

Feb 7 → Official start of classes

Additional information:

1) For first year students, an email will be sent to you for information regarding how to access CSRS or you may follow the instructions in the guides (please see attachment).

2) Guides for pre-enlisting and enrolling thru CSRS are attached.

3) We shall observe the performance of CSRS during pre-enlistment and will manage user access if we experience problems due to session traffic.

4) For problems encountered during pre-enlistment and enrollment, please contact your registration advisers or  the office of your college secretary or file a bug report in CSRS.

Contact information:

CSM College secretary :

CHSS College secretary :

SOM College secretary :

May I further request the registration advisers to be available during the pre-enlistment and enrollment activities to answer queries from students.

We will communicate to you as the need arises.


OUR, College Secretaries, ITO

Pre-registration guidelines

Enrollment-Flow-2021-2022 2nd Semester

Enrollment-Flow-2021-2022 2nd Semester 1

Enrollment-Flow-2021-2022 2nd Semester 2

This document may be downloaded here:

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