Highlights for April, 2019

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The Davao City-University of the Philippines Sports Complex served as the venue for the Palarong Pambansa Opening Ceremonies on 28 April 2019. News reports said an estimated 20,000 people attended. Chancellor Larry N. Digal and UP Mindanao officials were present. President Rodrigo R. Duterte was the Keynote Speaker. The President said that it had been 69 years since Davao City hosted a national youth sports meet and he thanked the parties who made this possible. He advised the athletes to make their life choices wisely and to learn life lessons from sports. The Palaro is the second major event held in the Sports Complex since its opening in January 2019. The closing ceremonies were likewise held in the same venue on 4 May 2019. The games played in the DC-UP Sports Complex were swimming, volleyball, football, and archery. Vice Chancellor for Administration Aurelia Luz Gomez and Department of Human Kinetics Chairperson Erwin E. Protacio served as UP Mindanao representatives to the Palarong Pambansa Executive Committee and contributed to coordinating the overall readiness of the DC-UP Sports Complex. UP Mindanao personnel Mr. Joel N. Sagadal and Ms. Krishna H. Balaga were likewise appointed to the multi-agency coordinating committee for security.     
The Football Field at the Davao City-University of the Philippines (UP) Sports Complex was issued a Field Certificate on 19 April 2019 by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) for having passed the test according to their quality program for football turf. The certificate, signed by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, accredits the field to host international football games from 17 April 2019 until 16 April 2022.
A total of 69 UP Mindanao athletes distributed among 9 varsity teams competed in the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association Region XI Meet (SCUAA-XI) hosted by Compostela Valley State College on 22-26 April 2019. UP Mindanao finished as 2nd runner up in a field of 10 state colleges and universities. UP Mindanao won as overall champion in women's swimming and in women's chess, while the men's swimming team was in 2nd place. The swimming varsity (men and women) collected 18 gold, 11 silver, and 3 bronze medals. In other categories, the women's beach volleyball team, and the women's futsal team were in 2nd place, the women's volleyball and men's badminton teams were in 4th place, the men's chess team was in 5th place, the women's badminton team was in 6th place, and the men's basketball team was in 7th place. In the newly-created demonstration sports, the women's football team was in 2nd place. Varsity Coordinator Prof. Armando R. Salazar reported that basketball officials commended the UP Mindanao team members for their sportsmanship.  
The sport of floorball was played in UP Mindanao on 29-30 April 2019 through the Mindanao Floorball Development Program organized by the Philippine Floorball Association (PFA) and the Embassy of Sweden, with the participation of Hon. Harald Fries, Ambassador of Sweden to the Philippines. Some 85 male and female students and coaches from various schools learned and played floorball with trainers Mr. Saldio Jesus Amador and Mr. Peter Eriksson.  A set of 20 playing sticks, balls, and playing field goals were donated to the UP Mindanao Department of Human Kinetics at the end of the program. Ambassador Fries, who also toured UP Mindanao and the Davao City-UP Sports Complex, said "I'm convinced that floorball will be a great game in the Philippines and this is a good start in Mindanao. We'll keep in touch about that and many other things." 
The DOST Governing Council approved the UP Mindanao proposal titled “Establishment of the Technology Business Incubation in UP Mindanao” as presented by Asst. Prof. Miguel Carlo S. Guillermo and Chancellor Larry N. Digal on 8 April 2019. UP Mindanao was one of seven higher educational institutions who earned their approval on the same occasion. This is UP Mindanao’s initiative under the DOST-PCIERRD-HEIRIT program. Following the approval of the Technology Business Incubation, the UP Mindanao Technology Transfer and Business Development Office team of Ms. Lynda A. Buernaobra and Prof. Guillermo  participated in the Business Incubation Management Training organized by the DOST and held on 22-30 April 2019 in Widus Hotel, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. 
The UP Mindanao Geo-Informatics for the Systematic Assessment of Flood Effects and Risks for a Resilient Mindanao, or Geo-SAFER Mindanao project, turned over flood hazard maps and provided a mini-seminar to officials of 5 southeastern Mindanao provinces on 11 April in Davao City in the presence of DOST-PCIERRD officials.  The Geo-SAFER Mindanao program is being implemented by various HEIs in Mindanao, with UP Mindanao assigned to Region XI. Some 24 river system watersheds were mapped by the UP Mindanao Geo-SAFER project over the two-year period: Davao Oriental with 7 watersheds; Davao Occidental with 4; Compostela Valley with 5; Davao del Norte with 3; and Davao del Sur with 5, including 2 in Davao City. 
Livelihood training on production of banana flour and related products was held at the UP Laak Land Reservation- Barangay Talle Side, on 10 and 25 April 2019. This livelihood training aims to equip indigenous people/women participants with product development and food processing techniques which they can use to process food products from the raw materials available in their community. This was organized by the Land Reservation Management Office in collaboration with Talle Barangay Council, Dibabawon Tribe of Brgy. Talle, and Talle Farmers Association. 
A UP Confirmation Caravan was carried out for qualifiers of the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) 2019 in UP Mindanao, Davao City, on 11 April 2019 and in Koronadal City on 13 April 2019. In the UP Mindanao Caravan some 271 qualifiers attended. The Caravan in Koronadal City had a smaller group and was held at the UP Manila School of Health Science Extension Campus. In addition to the regular admission topics, student support services were discussed by the scholarships officer and the dormitory manager. 
Dean Francis Diaz of the UP Diliman College of Human Kinetics visited UP Mindanao on 8 April 2019 to meet Dr. Serge Opeña of the Philippine Sports Commission, UP Mindanao VCAA Nilo Oponda, Dean Jean Marie Juanga, and the UP Mindanao Department of Human Kinetics to plan for creating or adopting degree programs in sports. Joining the discussion were Prof. Norberto R. Madrigal of CHK, and Mr. Ismail Veloso III of ASAPHIL. The meeting is part of continuing efforts towards the creation of an institution for sports education as pledged by UP President Danilo L. Concepcion to Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio on 10 January 2019. 
UP Mindanao was invited to be part of the Tuklas Lunas Development Consortium in a meeting with former DOST Undersecretary Dr. Amelia Guevara and Dr. Irene Villaseñor on 23 April 2019. UP Mindanao has the capability to participate in the consortium because of its existing drug-discovery laboratory which is funded by DOST-Philippine Council for Health Research and Development. A memorandum of agreement was drafted by DOST for the review of the prospective consortium members.        
•Published in Agricultural Research, “Farmers’ Adoption of Hybrid Yielding Rice Varieties and the Implications to Self-Sufficiency: The Case of the Southern Philippines” by Prof. Larry N. Digal and Ms. Shemaiah Gail P. Placencia 
•Accepted for publication in Asia Pacific Journal for Science, Mathematics and Engineering, “Ions Motion Optimization Algorithm for the continuous p-center location problem,” by Mr. Ley Meynard Opeña and Asst. Prof. Ritchie Mae T. Gamot 
•Accepted papers for poster presentation: 
o For the 1st International Conference in Science & Mathematics, 11-13 April 2019, Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Iligan City, “Ions Motion Optimization Algorithm for the continuous p-center location problem,” by Asst. Prof. Ritchie Mae T. Gamot and Mr. Ley Meynard Opeña.  
o For the 2019 International Food Technology Conference (IFT19), New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 2-5 June 2019, 
“Utilization of alugbati (Basella Alba L.) leaves powder to increase Vitamin A content of fresh egg noodles,” by Ms. Pamela C. Soriano, Asst. Prof. Rovi Gem E. Villame, Asst. Prof. Aileen Grace D. Delima, Assoc. Prof. Juma Novie A. Alviola, Ms. Kriza Faye A. Calumba, Assoc. Prof. Pedro A. Alviola IV, and Prof. Emma Ruth V. Bayogan. 
“Development of Moringa powder-fortified peanut butter cookies as potential snack item for Iron-deficient school age children in Davao City”, by Ms. Precious Sybli A. Sumaoy, RGE Villame, AGD Delima, JNA Alviola, KFA Calumba, PA Alviola IV, ERV Bayogan.
Ambassador of Sweden to the Philippines Hon. Harald Fries and his wife Ms. Susan Fries toured UP Mindanao on 30 April 2019. In the College of Science and Mathematics, he was met by Dean Dominica D. Dacera and college officials. Briefings were given by Dept. of Biological Science and Environmental Studies Chair. Prof. Cleto L. Nañola Jr., Dept of Food Science and Chemistry Chair. Prof. Juma Novie A. Alviola, Drug Discovery Project Leader Prof. Joel Hassan G. Tolentino, and Geo-SAFER flood hazard mapping Project Leader Prof. Joseph E. Acosta with Supervisor Gus Kali Oguis. The Ambassador also toured the Davao City-UP Sports Complex. Ambassador Fries, in closing, said he looks forward to returning to follow-up on the floorball sport and other matters of common interest.
A delegation from the Embassy of New Zealand to the Philippines visited on 30 April 2019 to discuss the status of the mango export industry in the Davao Region and its prospects for trade with New Zealand using research findings. New Zealand Honorary Consul Vicente Lao accompanied the delegation composed of a plant and food research team and trade and enterprise business development manager. For initial discussion, Prof. Emma Ruth V. Bayogan presented her findings from her research on the Philippine mango export industry. In the meeting were NZ researcher Don McNoughton, Prof. Bayogan, researcher Ms. Gwen Ortiz, Chancellor Digal, NZ delegate Declan Graham, business development manager Mica Guevarra, and NZ Honorary Consul Vicente Lao.        
A UNIVERSITY-WIDE Strategic Planning Workshop was led by Chancellor Digal on 15-16 April 2019. The colleges and units presented and discussed their analysis and strategic plans, ranked them in order of priority, and re-distributed these under the strategic themes: Academic excellence and student experience; Excellence in research and creativity; Sustainable and enabling environments; Leadership in public engagement; People and culture; Operational excellence; and, International outlook. This is part of a process towards crafting a final plan document which will be presented to experts, sectors, and stakeholders in order to generate support for UP Mindanao’s programs.
The 2019 Palarong Pambansa used the DC-UP Sports Complex Football Stadium Phases 1 and 2 with seating for 2,003 persons, while Phase 3 was still on-going but was usable with seating for an estimated 1,000 persons. Temporary bleachers were set up by the city government for an estimated 1,000 persons. The Archery area was a cleared open space. Also completed was the Aquatics Center warm-up pool and main pool with starting blocks, touch pads, and the electronic scoreboard. Holding areas for swimmers and officials, and an area for open showers were completed. However, the bleachers were not completed. 
See the Chancellor's Report here.  

Search for next SOM Dean, concluded

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The Search Committee, appointed by the Chancellor, is now actively conducting a search process for the next Dean of the School of Management. The Committee’s role is to submit to the Chancellor a “frank assessment of the suitability of each committee” – it shall not rank nor indicate its preference. Nominations should be submitted along with the complete documents to the Office of the Chancellor. The deadline is 15 March 2019, 4:00PM.
A.Who may nominate
1.UP Min community: faculty, REPS, admin staff, students
2.Outside UP Min: alumni, partners, stakeholders, members of the Constituents Units
B.Who may be nominated
The Faculty, REPS, and Staff of SOM have identified the following critical qualifications:
1.Moral Integrity
Has good moral values, altruistic, credible, open-minded, and fair to everyone;
2.Academic Credentials
Possesses proven scholarly track record and credentials in instruction, research, and extension
3.Capable to lead a dynamic team
Has the humility to accept criticisms and can manage conflict and dissenting opinions
Knows how to build and sustain cooperation
4.Process and Results-Oriented
Process and results-oriented with the priorities of the School in mind
Promotes democratic governance (union rep)
Creates innovative solutions
Explores unconventional approaches and alternative forms of knowledge
Possess patience in administrative work
Understands and respects policies
5.Has experience in leading and managing an academic unit
Willing to learn along with the unit
With external linkages and has the ability to foster external linkages
Note: The nominee need not be a faculty member at the time of his/her nomination.   Should he/she be appointed, he/she must have a faculty appointment.
(1198th BOR Meeting, 28 July 20015)
C.What are the nomination documents
1.A nomination letter duly signed by the nominating party with a conforme by the nominee. The nomination must contain brief descriptions about the qualifications in item B:
“The number of signatures affixed to any nomination letter is immaterial in making final choice. (Sect.II.B.1 Guidelines and Procedures for the Selection of Nominees for Dean of Academic Units)
2.A brief of the nominee’s flagship programs for the next three years. A Vision Paper is not required but the brief has to clearly situate the programs with the vision of UP Min.
3.Along with the nomination, six (6) copies of the complete curriculum vitae (CV) of the nominee. After the ‘Personal Information’ in the CV, insert a summary of the nominee’s significant achievements in relation to potentially becoming the next dean. 
Submit nominations (with complete documents) to:
         The Office of the Chancellor
         Admin. Bldg. UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City
         Telefax (+63 83) 293-0310
Email a soft copy of the same set of documents to  
Deadline for both submissions: 15 March 2019, 4:00PM.
D.Interview and Public Forum
In the morning of 25 March, the nominees shall be given a platform to share their views on the plans, programs, problems and priorities of the college for the next 3-6 years.
The forum will be followed by sectoral consultations (see Schedule, below).
The Deans, Heads of Academic and Administrative Offices, Student Councils and the Public Information Office are requested to ensure wide dissemination of this Circular.
Chair, Search Committee for the Next SOM Dean
05 March 2019
The Search Committee for the Next SOM Dean wishes to inform the public of its schedule of activities. Everyone is encouraged to nominate and participate in these activities especially in the sectoral consultations and public forum with the nominees:
March 4-15, 2019:     Nomination Period
March 15, 2019; 4:00PM, Office of the Chancellor:     Last day of Submission of Nomination Documents (Hardcopies for the Office of the Chancellor and Softcopies to be e-mailed to )
March 16, 2019:     Announcement of Nominees
March 25, 2019 (Monday) at CHSS Audio Visual Room/Interviews and Public Meetings
9:00AM-11:00AM:     Public Forum with Nominees
March 25, 2019 (Monday)CHSS Audio Visual Room/Sectoral Consultations:
11:00AM-12:00NN     Faculty and REPS
1:00PM-2:00PM     Admin Personnel
2:00PM-3:00PM     Selected SOM Students
3:00PM-4:00PM     Alumni and other Groups/Individuals
4:00PM-5:00PM     Nominees
March 25, 2019:     Consolidation of Reports
March 26, 2019:     Submission of report of the Search Committee

Highlights for March, 2019

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1. MARCH 2019 is the first month in the term of Chancellor Larry Digal. His key staff consists of professors Aurelia Luzviminda "Luz" Gomez and Nilo Oponda as vice-chancellors for administration and academic affairs, respectively. Professors John Bengan, Jackie Lou Tagubase, and Maria Teresa Escano will head the offices of the university registrar, human resource, and student affairs, respectively. 

2. MARCH 4, 2019 was the first flag ceremony with Chancellor Larry Digal. In his remarks, the Chancellor Larry asked that everyone make use of the time during flag ceremony to discuss desired improvements such as in wellness or communication. He said that during his consultations the most common problem that arose was communication. He asked for everyone to contribute to better communication through announcements during flag ceremony such as new policies, or reminders of old policies, or updates in existing programs, or the revival of desired practices. He welcomed the initiative by HRDO for some exercise time.

Chancellor Digal's top agenda is REAPS: Reinforce the teaching-research-extension-production continuum; Enhance existing undergraduate and graduate programs and develop at least two new graduate programs; Accelerate research productivity; Prime and improve organizational capacity and administrative efficiency; Strengthen programs to develop a culture of teamwork, sense of community, health and wellness, and a better appreciation of the arts.    

March is the International Women's Month and events on this theme are to be expected. March 16 is the Araw ng Dabaw and UP Mindanao will be part of the city parade. UP Mindanao will contribute to public awareness for Halalan 2019.     


Assoc. Prof. Pedro A. Alviola IV was appointed Dean of the School of Management by the UP Board of Regents on its 1343rd Meeting on 28 March 2019, "effective 28 March 2019 to 27 March 2022". 
The call for nominations for the next dean of the School of Management (SOM) was opened in 4 March 2019. Nominations should be submitted along with the complete documents to the Office of the Chancellor, on or before the deadline on 15 March 2019, 4:00PM. On March 25, 2019 at CHSS Audio Visual Room are the  Interviews and Public Meetings. On 26 March 2019 will be the submission of the report of the Search Committee to the Chancellor. 
4. U.P. MINDANAO JOINED THE 82nd ARAW NG DABAW PARADE on 16 March 2019 with a delegation  of non-teaching and teaching personnel as part of its commitment to offer affordable quality education, scholarly research, and public service to Mindanao and the neighboring regions. The delegation contributed good cheer and accommodated media coverage during the parade.   
5. THE ARAW NG DAVAO Interschool Swimming Competition held at Ateneo De Davao University saw the UP Mindanao Swim Varsity Team win a total of 5 GOLD, 7 SILVER and 6 BRONZE MEDALS, as follows: Bhazel Anne Acac (3BSFT)- 4 GOLD and 2 SILVER; Juan Antonio Mendoza (4BSABE)- 1 GOLD, 3 SILVER and 2 BRONZE; Xenita Daniele Co (2BSArchi)- 1 SILVER, 1 BRONZE; Karl Paolo Gelito (1BSFT)- 1 SILVER and 1 BRONZE; Joshua Miguel Diaz (1BSAnthro)- 1 BRONZE; Bea Matanguihan (1BSArchi)- 1 BRONZE
6. UPMIN FOOTBALL CUP was organized by the UPMin Football Varsity and held on 16-17 March 2019 in the DC-UP Sports Complex Football Field. The 9-a-side qualifying round had the following results: Champion- DAVRAA-PALARO TEAM; 1ST Runner-Up -- PCT-MEDVIL FC; 2ND Runner-Up-- SOUTH-SHIELD FC; 3RD Runner-Up -- CATHIANA HEARTS FC; Special Award for Best Striker -- FFRANK DELA PEÑA; Best Midfield -- JOSHUA ROMERO; Best Defender -- JERICHO ROMERO; Best Goal Keeper -- ZANE GARFIN; Most Valuable Player -- ZANE GARFIN
7. STOP Rabies free vaccination and media launch    
STOP Rabies, a public health research program, will hold a vaccination campaign and media launch on 25 March 2019, in UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City, in celebration of Rabies Awareness Month. The STOP Rabies program intends to use science-based evidence to help improve local policies and strategies on rabies control and management for a rabies-free Davao City. The Vaccination Campaign will be held at the Kalimudan Covered Court where registration for pet owners is at 7:30AM onward, to be followed by zumba exercise and fun ice-breakers. "Responsible Pet Ownership" will be discussed by veterinarian Dr. Bayani Vandenbroeck at 8:30AM. The free vaccination and castration session for pets will be held until 11:30AM. Afterwards, the Media Launch will be held at 1PM in the nearby Lorenzo Hall in the Administration Building. Chancellor Larry Digal will open the program and an audio-visual presentation will follow. A talk on "Rabies Updates in the Philippines" will be given by Dr. Maria Nerissa Dominguez, National Professional Officer of the Office of the World Health Organization Representative in the Philippines. The STOP Rabies program milestones, to date, will be presented by the project leaders. The launch of the website and social media sites will culminate the event. The interested public is invited to attend, free of charge. 
STOP Rabies is funded by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) through the Discovery-Applied Research and Extension for Trans/Inter-disciplinary Opportunities (DARE TO) Research Grants program. The DARE TO grants aims to deliver innovative research work through collaboration among higher education institutions, which, in the case of the STOP Rabies program, are UP Mindanao and the Davao Medical School Foundation, in partnership with the Office of the City Veterinarian and the City Health Office. 
The summary eviction of 15 informal settlers was conducted by the City Demolition Office under the City Engineer’s Office of the City Government of Davao on March 21, 2019. This is pursuant to the implementation of the government infrastructure projects with the Department of Public Works and Highways District II and Region XI, as the implementing agencies. These government infrastructure projects are: (a) PhP 150 Million Road Network; (b) PhP 100 Million Campus Improvement and Site Development; and (c) PhP 34 Million Completion of UP Mindanao-Manambulan Road. This is in coordination with the Philippine Commission on Urban Poor (PCUP), City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO), Commission on Human Rights (CHR), and Philippine National Police (PNP), among others. This was implemented pursuant to Republic Act No. 7279 (An Act to Provide for a Comprehensive and Continuing Urban Development and Housing Program, Establish the Mechanism for its Implementation, and for Other Purposes). The summary eviction was implemented in strict compliance with the substantive and procedural due process as set forth by the aforementioned law. Series of dialogues and conferences were conducted prior to the conduct of the summary eviction. The informal settlers were also offered financial assistance and temporary relocation areas, among others. Despite these, the informal settlers refused to voluntarily demolish their illegal structures. Out of the 21 affected informal settlers, only 15 were summarily evicted due to their refusal to voluntarily demolish their illegal structures and accept the compromise agreement as offered by the implementing agencies.

Additional postings will be provided as they become available.       

Highlights for February, 2019

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University of the Philippines Mindanao celebrates its 24th Anniversary in February 2019. Opening Festivities are on 1 February, Friday, 8:30AM, at the Oblation Plaza, Administration Building, UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. Koro Kantahanay will lead the singing of the National Anthem. Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion will give an Inspirational Message.  UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble will perform a Ritual Dance. The highlight will be the Placing of Solidarity Flags where everybody is invited to participate. Finally, a run-through of month-long activities will be announced. Fun activities will commence after the ceremony. Mr. Kenneth Montajes of DMPCS will serve as emcee.

Further on the Anniversary celebrations, 4-10 February 2019 is the School of Management Week of Activities; 11-17 February 2019 is the College of Science and Mathematics Week of Activities; 18-24 February 2019 is the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Week of Activities.  On February 20, Wednesday, will be held the Recognition Programs for students and employees. On 23 February is the UP Mindanao Basketball Carnival. On 25-27 February are the Student Organizations' activities. On 28 February 2019 is the "3-Minute Thesis" Competition University Finals. Also on 28 February is the Turn-over Ceremony for the Chancellorship. Culminating the day's events will be a Concert will be given by artists from the UP College of Music to be organized by the UP Alumni Association-Davao. The public is invited to any and all activities.  


THE 3-MINUTE THESIS (3MT) Competition was held for the first time in the Philippines in UP Mindanao in February 2019. Ms. Alma Jo Latada of BS Architecture emerged as the first 3MT Philippines champion with her thesis talk "How Would Nature Solve It?". In three minutes she explained the advantage of pine cones as building material for its ability to expand and contract with the weather and thereby adjust temperatures indoors. She also won the People's Choice award. The Runner-up was Mr. Abel Leandro Paras of BS Applied Mathematics for "Hitchhiker's Guide on Avoiding the Three Phases of Rabies Infection". The other finalists and their theses were: Mr. Justine Joshua Pungyan, BA Anthropology, for "The Importance of Connections among Farmers of Sitio Ladi-an, Marilog, Davao City"; Ms. Jan Rica Datoc, BS Computer Science, for "TED: A Mobile Tagabawa-English Dictionary"; Mr. Juan Antonio Mendoza, BS Agribusiness Economics, for "The Unfunded Revolution"; Mr. Michael Jayson Saturos, BS Food Technology, for "Power Plastics"; Ms. Janna Warain, BS Biology, for "Keeping It Fresh"; and Mr. Juven Niño Villacastin, BA Communication Arts, for "Of Villains and Murderers: What the News Tells Us about the Dengvaxia Crisis". The judges were Davao Christian High School Principal Jocy So-Yeung, Manila Bulletin’s News Coordinator for Mindanao Zea Io Ming Correa Capistrano, and Ateneo de Davao University Prof. Neil Ryan Pancho. The 3MT Competition originated in the University of Queensland in 2008 and has since spread to about 200 universities worldwide. In the original format, PhD students explain their thesis to a general audience within three minutes. In UP Mindanao, the competition was adapted for undergraduate students. A total of 47 students volunteered and competed in their individual departments and colleges towards the selection of the eight finalists representing their degree programs. Permission to use the 3MT by UP Mindanao was granted by the University of Queensland thru Prof. Isidoro Malaque III. [See the videos here]
ERRATUM. Ms. Capistrano has been initially identified as a correspondent for the Manila Bulletin when in fact her official designation is “news coordinator for Mindanao.” The error has been corrected.

UP Mindanao will host the UP College of Law Aptitude Exam on 17 February 2019, Sunday, 1-6PM, in the Administration Building, UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. Applications will be accepted until Sunday morning, 17 February 2019, in the exam venue. Application fees may be paid later. Supervising the proceedings is Mr. Michael Gatela of the Office of Extension and Community Service. Application documentation requirements and other details may be perused at-         


On 20 February 2019 is the 24th anniversary of the signing by Pres. Fidel V. Ramos of Republic Act 7889 "An Act creating the University of the Philippines Mindanao and appropriating funds therefor". On this day will be held the Recognition Ceremonies for Employees and Students. The Ceremonies will be held at the CHSS Audio-Visual Room, Administration Building, UP-Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City. At 9AM is the Employee Recognition Ceremony and at 2:30PM is the Student Recognition Ceremony. The guest speaker is Dr. Fedeserio C. Camarao.  


COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCE (CHSS) Week happens on 18-24 February 2019 as part of the UP-Mindanao 24th Anniversary celebration. The CHSS Audio-Visual Room will serve as venue for most events except where indicated. Public offerings begin with the 3-Minute Thesis Competition-CHSS Heat on 18 February, 1PM. On 19 February, 9AM, is the Gender Sensitivity Orientation by Dr. Pavo; at 1PM is the architecture lecture "Visualizing a city's urban and cultural heritage" by Gloryrose Dy-Metilla. On 21 February, 1:30PM, is the book launch of "Mandaya Dawot" publication; at 2:30PM, at the University Library is the "New media and society" lecture by Mishael Pueblas. On 22 February, 9AM, is the DSS Lecture Series 2019 featuring "Development of the banana industry in Davao Region" by Theresa Mae Gallardo, "Story of a woman politician in Dinagat Islands" by Raymundo Pavo, "Indigenous child protection system of the ethnic Tboli" by Maria Josefa Petilla, "Linguistic queries on Manobo history" by Janus Ruel Cabazares, and "Health in lumad and settler communities in Mindanao" by Kenette Jean Millondaga; at 1PM, at the Visual Anthro Lab, are the talks on "Four fields of anthropology" by Myfel Joseph Paluga and Andrea Malaya Ragragio. Also on 22 February, 1PM, at SM City Annex, Davao City, is the "Tandiwan Mindanao Architecture Research Symposium". On 23 February, 7PM, at Suazo Bar, Davao City, is "Litorgy: A tribute to Tita Lacambra Ayala". On 24 February is the Futsal Football Festival at the Davao City-UP Sports Complex Gym. All events are open to the public; admission is free of charge. Inquiries may be directed to Angelo at 9189238498. 


COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Week happens on 11-15 February 2019. Public offerings begin with the CSM Research Seminar on 11 February, 8AM-12NN, at CSM Room 227. The talks are on: Macaques as carriers of malaria by Lief Erikson Gamalo; Fat, oil, and grease deposits in drains by Dann Marie del Mundo; Solar energy for the home by Vicente Calag; Job analytics by Vladimer Kobayashi; and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics by Jose Ildefonso Rubrico. At 1-5PM, also in Room 227, will be the Mol-Tech-Volution, a showcase of technological innovations in molecular biology organized by the Philippine Genome Center-Mindanao. At 2:30PM in Room 230 will be the 3-Minute Thesis DMPCS department heat, and Sine-CSM Focus Group Discussion caps the day's events. On 12 February, 5:30PM at Room 227 will be the 3-Minute Thesis DBSES department heat. The daytime events are: Exhibit on Rape and Violence Against Women at CSM Student Center; Sine-CSM Focus Group Discussion 2; Photo-booth opening; and the Kanlu-RUN at 4:30 PM. On 13 February are: Sine-CSM Focus Group Discussion 3; Photobooth #PoseToOppose; and the PAFT Milk Processing Demo at 12-1:30PM at Room 112. On 14 February are: DOLE Careers Recruitment at 8AM-3PM at the Dorm Annex; at sundown are Acoustic Night Battle of the Bands and CSM Night Hunk and Babe of the West 2019. On 15 February is the CSM 3-Minute Thesis Competition at 1-5PM at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Audio-Visual Room. All events are open to the public; admission is free of charge. Inquiries may be directed to Ken at 9498501074 or 9755719174.      

7. THE CSM RESEARCH SEMINAR on 11 February 2019 opened with Welcome Remarks by Dean Dominica Dacera. She reported on the research productivity of the College of Science and Mathematics faculty in 2018 which had about 11 articles published in ISI and non-ISI journals, presented about 33 papers in national and international conferences, and obtained more than P120 Million of funds for research. She predicted that research activity will intensify with the construction of the Research Development and Extension Building worth P70 Million. The Seminar presentations that followed were on: Zoonotic protozoan parasites in swimming pools and Zoonotic monkey malaria parasites, both by Instructor Lief Erikson Gamalo; Fat, oil, and grease deposits in drains, by Asst. Prof. Dann Marie del Mundo; Energize the home with solar energy, by Asst. Prof. Vicente Calag; Job analytics that can help match millions of jobs to qualified persons, by Asst. Prof. Vladimer Kobayashi; and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics by Prof. Jose Ildefonso Rubrico. The Certificates of Appreciation were given by Dean Dacera with Asst. Prof. May Anne Mata.

8. MOLTECHVOLUTION: A Showcase of Technological Innovations in Molecular Biology will be held on February 11, 2019, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM at the College of Science and Mathematics, UP Mindanao. Current trends in Molecular Biology and Genomics will be presented by various organizations. An exhibit will be open for viewing. This event is organized by The Philippine Genome Center-Mindanao in line with CSM Week.


The School of Management (SOM) opens the college celebrations with public forums at the Lorenzo Hall, Administration Building. The SOM Public Lectures is on 6 February at 8:30-11:30AM with the following talks: The readiness of the soybean supply chain to contribute to food production by Asst.Prof. Glory Dee Romo; Consumers' awareness and willingness to pay for GAP-certified vegetables by Asst.Prof. Vlademir Shuck; Investing in real estate and a financial model for capital gains by Asst.Prof. Lemuel Calatrava. At 1PM will be the "School of Dangerous Minds" forum with lectures on popular topics by SOM students. On 7 February, 1-5PM is the 14th UP Mindanao Supply Chain Management Forum on the theme "Sustainable development of the Philippine cavendish banana value chain: Exploring options to improve competitiveness" by the CHED banana project team. On 8 February, 9AM-4PM is the annual Tabo vegetable farmers sale. Throughout 6-9 February is the SOM Research Exhibit showcasing the products of knowledge creation by SOM faculty, researchers, and students. On 13 February will be the "Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition: SOM college heat". The public is invited to any and all of the events; admission is free of charge.   

10. MOA for CRADLE 

A MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT was signed between the Dept. of Science and Technology-Phil. Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research & Development (DOST-PCIEERD) and UP Mindanao as an Implementing Agency for the Accelerated R&D Program for Capacity-Building of Research & Development Institutions and Industrial Competitiveness: Collaborative Research & Development to Leverage Philippine Economy (CRADLE). The project to be implemented under CRADLE is Fermentation and Purification Research to Produce Food Grade, Pharmaceutical-Grade and Polymer-Grade Lactic Acid. UP Mindanao will procure equipment, set up a dedicated laboratory, conduct further purification studies to increase the purity-grade of lactic acid from 50% to at least 80%, and conduct process evaluation and techno-economic analysis of the project. DOST will provide P4.998 Million for the project which will be monitored by the PCIEERD. Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion signed on behalf of UP Mindanao on 27 February 2019 while U/Sec. Rowena Cristina Guevara and Dr. Enrico Paringit signed for DOST and PCIEERD, respectively.        

With the appointment of Prof. Larry N. Digal, current Dean of the School of Management, as the next Chancellor effective 1 March 2019, a Search Committee for SOM Dean was constituted by Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion on 11 February 2019 through Administrative Order No. SBC 2019-010. Appointed to constitute the Committee were Prof. Ruth U. Gamboa (Dept. of Bio. Sci. and Envir. Studies) as Senior Faculty Representative and Chairperson, Prof. Janus Ruel T. Cabazares (Dept. of Soc. Sci.) as Junior Faculty Rep., Ms. Krishna H. Balaga (I.T. Office) as Administrative Personnel Rep., Ms. Frances May F. Baldoza (Office of Research) as REPS Personnel Rep., and Ms. Keith Justine Moreno (BS Biology) as Student Representative. They were instructed to coordinate a schedule with the appointed President's Representative and to submit their report on or before 22 March 2019.  


A CEREMONIAL TURNOVER of the chancellorship of UP Mindanao was held on 28 February 2019 between outgoing chancellor Sylvia Concepcion and incoming chancellor Larry Digal. The turnover was done through the hand-over of the University Mace, a wooden staff topped with the seal of UP Mindanao, the symbol of authority of the chancellor. Chancellor Digal in his inaugural remarks  said "This is a very big challenge for me because all our stakeholders, and UP in general, have a lot of expectations; but the work of Chancellor Concepcion and the UP Mindanao community will help us move to a higher level of development. I think it's about time to reap, to harvest a lot, from what the previous administrations have invested. It's about reinforcing the teaching, research, extension, and production continuum so that our programs and services can better serve the needs of our stakeholders."  Among the well-wishers was Rotarian Salvador Angala who recalled Chancellor Digal as a former Rotary Exchange scholar. The turnover was preceded by a Testimonial for Chancellor Concepcion, who served as 4th Chancellor for two terms from March 2013 to February 2019. In the evening was “Maroon Serenades: A Night of Classical Music” organized by the alumni, which served to culminate the 24th anniversary month of UP Mindanao.
A TESTIMONIAL was held for outgoing chancellor Prof. Sylvia Concepcion on 28 February 2019 in UP Mindanao. Prof. Concepcion served two terms as the 4th Chancellor of UP Mindanao from March 2013 to 28 February 2019. a/Prof. Nelfa Glova served as emcee. Faculty, non-teaching personnel, and husband Nap Concepcion were in attendance. Testimonies were given by Dean Dominica Dacera, Dean Jean Marie Juanga, a/Prof. Vlademir Shuck, VC Antonio Obsioma, VC Nilo Oponda, Mr. Joel Sagadal, Ms. Malou Montiflor, student council chairman Frederick Omalza, alumna Marie Glenn Sorila, alumnus Francisco Bobby Ramos, and alumnus John Gaisano. An audio-visual presentation produced by Rene Estremera and Mishael Pueblas was shown. Koro Kantahanay choral performed. Prof. Sylvia Concepcion gave a response where in she expressed gratitude to the speakers and a message of thanks to everyone who served the University during her term. A plaque of appreciation and flowers were given to Prof. Concepcion by VCs Obsioma and Oponda to end the ceremony.
"MAROON SERENADES: A Night of Classical Music" was held by the UP alumni in Davao and the UP Mindanao Foundation (UPMFI) as a public offering for the 24th anniversary of UP Mindanao and as a tribute for outgoing chancellor, Prof. Sylvia Concepcion and a welcome for incoming chancellor, Prof. Larry Digal. The concert was held free of charge to the public in Grand Regal Hotel, Davao City on 28 February 2019. The concert featured UP College of Music performers April Dawnena Merced-Misa on piano, Gonzalo Noel Misa on guitar, and Gabrielle Yvette Parcon on voice. The concert pieces included classical pieces by Schumann and Verdi, Filipino musical pieces "Rosas Pandan" by Domingo Lopez, "Sa Kabukiran" by Manuel Velez, "Usahay" by Nitoy Gonzales, and the original composition "Pag-ibig" by pianist Misa and poet Vim Nadera. The UP Koro Kantahanay chorale performed musical intermission numbers. 
The evening culminated in the oath-taking by trustees of the UPMFI as administered by Judge Ronald Tolentino. Messages of appreciation were given by UPMFI trustees Dinah Tolentino-Fuentes, Marie Glenn Sorila, and John Gaisano. Responses were given by Sylvia Concepcion and Chancellor Larry Digal. Chancellor Digal said, "if you gave the love and the money to Chancellor Beng, I ask that you to double it. We, the entire UP Mindanao team face a big challenge and a big opportunity to do for development. We need your partnership and your support. Please double your support, your human infrastructure is love. Give bigger help for UP to do its mandate as a national university, a research university, and as a public service university".
     The UP Mindanao Debate Society reaped awards in the recently concluded 39th Mindanao Parliamentary Debate Championship (MPDC) held in Mindanao State University–Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) on February 22-24, 2019. The grand finals saw UP Min Team A composed of Andres Karl Segovia (IV – BA Communication Arts), Bryle Matthew Bacatan (IV – BS Food Technology) and Frederick Omalza (IV- BS Biology) defend the motion that proposed the progressive media’s rejection of journalistic objectivity in an unjust, post-truth world against defending champions and hosts, MSU-IIT Team A. Omalza was announced as the best speaker of the grand finals and MSU-IIT as the open category champion.
     The bi-annual MPDC was done in the Asian Parliamentary format which saw thirty-four teams from 17 debate institutions from all over Mindanao gathered to compete against each other in four preliminary rounds where teams in government (affirmative) and opposition (negative) benches debated in motions on diverse topics such as education, Philippine politics, popular culture, and socio-legal issues. 
     The top 8 college teams were selected based on their scores in the preliminary rounds and were pitted against each other once more. During the quarterfinals, UP Min Team A faced Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) Team A on a motion that discussed whether or not those that are convicted of heinous crimes should be allowed to opt for aversion therapy. 
     After winning on a unanimous decision in the quarterfinals, UP Min Team A faced the top breaking team of the tournament from West Mindanao State University in the semifinals on a motion that weighed on the abolition of regional wage boards. Team UP Mindanao won on a 4-1 split against WMSU and was announced to debate in the grand finals against MSU-IIT Team A. 
     Competing judges from UP Mindanao were also awarded medals as they were recognized as part of the top 10 judges; Aleimar Villabrille (IV- BS Computer Science) was hailed as 7th Best Adjudicator while Sarika Rey (IV-BA English) was recognized as 9th Best Adjudicator. 
     This is the second time that UP Mindanao has reached the grand finals of the prestigious competition after consistently breaking into the finals series before. 
     DEBATE SOCIETY sent two teams to the 4th Ateneo Peace Debates held on 16-17 February 2019 in Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Team Dis-UP-pointments was composed of Jesus Roberto Dos Remedios, 1BSB; Karyn Thea Rivera, 1BSFT; and Bonseurv Marayag, 1BSAnth. Team UP-set had Renz Carl Ybanez, 1BACMA; Jherson Gutierrez, 1BSFT; and Dana Isabelle Aca, 1BSB. Subsidized Adjudicator was Bryle Matthew Bacatan, 4BSFT.
     On Health, the team defended motions to abandon the gene-editing technology that focuses on race/looks, and for terminally-ill people the right to access treatments that have not completed clinical testing. On Media, they rejected the motion on Facebook's recent attempts to police fake news. On Economics, they moved to suspend all labor benefits in times of economic crises; they defended state capitalism over liberal capitalism. On Religion, the teams rejected the commercialization of Philippine Religious Festivals (Sinulog, Hermosa, etc.); and rejected the Catholic Church's role in poverty alleviation.
     Jesus Dos Remedios was awarded as 2nd Best Speaker and Dana Isabelle Aca, 6th Best Speaker.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. It's not a recycled day. Everyday is a new day and I find that amazing. A series of new beginnings, of new opportunities. I hope you find that hopeful and inspiring. To me the very idea is a very interesting one. This phrase by the way came from John Denver who wrote it in a song. Today, 2019 is new. Malapit na ang chinese new year. Every minute that we get is new. It will never be 8:55AM, Feb 1, 2019 again. That moment in time happens once and if we waste it, we waste it. We are not handed down a series of yesterdays but new opportunities. The present is a gift and it's not recycled. We'd like you to nurture this idea and use it to move forward because we are celebrating the 24 years of existence this month of the University of the Philippines Mindanao. Next year we are 25, and kung wedding, ang tawag doon ay silver anniversary. That's a quarter of a century. and that is a milestone in our lives. If you talk to the pioneers of UPMin--the pioneers are the batch 1 students, silang mga taga CSM, mga batch one yan sila--they know what this place looks like when they came in as first year students. We had practically nothing. We didn't have this, we didn't have those. We didn't have roads. We didn't even have water. So, when we look at the past years of UP Mindanao, we can see that the institution has gone through a lot of experience that are both painful or exhilarating or both at the same time and they all helped us know more about ourselves, and learn more about this institution. Twenty-four years ago UP Mindanao was in a small rented office. There were three employees: the president, the officer-in-charge Dr. Rogelio Cuyno and one employee, Ms. Ana Gualberto. Three employees and we were trying to link up the University to the different government agencies and the different schools. A few years later more people began to come in, katulad nila Ting Nanola, iyong mga nasa admin ngayon, sila Nilo Oponda, sila Tony Obsioma, they started coming in 1997 and then we started to grow in number. We rented an old office of Dole Corporation in Ladislawa Village, downtown Davao City. It was really an old building and we all fit there: classrooms, registrar, kasya lahat ng tao doon. Later on (when we moved to this campus site) we got funds to build one side of this our administration building. When it was built, some of the offices began to move into this building. Another six years forward we got funds for this (other) side of the building. A few more six years we got funds to build a library and the road going to Kanluran. In the past six years we got a lot of funding for new equipment: new sound systems and air conditioners that actually make you feel cold; computers that your see. Several structures: the cultural center for the CHSS; the CARIM building; the library; the SOM that willl be rehabilitated and rebuilt into a large spanking building; faculty and staff housing; a new dorm next year; the sports complex and a road network. One of the new things that is exciting for me is the technology transfer office where were can turn the researches that have been developed into products and to try to find uses for them so that they really return to society for the greater good of the greater majority. These opportunities exist for you today. From today until the next six years or so, they will continue to come. New people, new partners. So, we have to get ourselves ready for this growth spurt. That's going to happen to UP Mindanao within the next four years. For the new batch of freshmen and for those who are continuing, there's bound to be a growth spurt and I hope that you are able to grow with that in terms of your character in terms of your being a better human being. We have a lot of proposals that are being given to us. Like the possibility of opening a College of Architecture, Design, and Engineering. That is one of the dreams of the University of the Philippines Mindanao. We deserve this college, right? For our 100% passing, or maybe 99% passing, we deserve this. There are proposals being crafted now for a College of Human Kinetics where we can teach sports, sports management, body movement, and the like, for the Mindanawon. So we can have a healthier population. Yes, today is just the first day of the rest of our lives. Whatever transpired yesterday are points of learning to be a better individual and better human being, points for UP Mindanao to be a better institution. Welcome to today!   

Highlights for January, 2019

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Forums


7 JANUARY 2019: FLAG CEREMONY on 7 January 2019 had Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion extending “Happy New Year!” to all constituents who were present, including the two vice-chancellors. The Chancellor remarked that UP Mindanao is 24 years old in 2019. UP Mindanao is now a maturing organization. It can now be a self-correcting organization. The Chancellor said that UP Mindanao is a great place to be and to work for.  She advised the staff to find their individual motivation for staying in UP aside from the pay. She herself stayed in UP because she wanted her children to study in UP. She assured everyone that UP will stay and that their work will count as a contribution. She reminded everyone that 2019 is an election year. This means that there will be no new hiring or renewals. Therefore, anything that is required must be done before the moratorium. VC Antonio Obsioma in his remarks said that 2018 was stressful but this year he hoped that stress will be less. He advised everyone to learn to manage their supervisors and to manage conflict.  He remarked that the government this year is adopting the cash-based system which requires more efficient procurement. He said that orientation on procurement for all constituents will be organized. He announced that January will be his last month as vice-chancellor. On March 1 his term as a regular faculty member will end. He explained that he will be taking early retirement. 


Juan Antonio A. Mendoza (4BSABE) won a silver medal in the 10th Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines-Northern Territory-East Asian Growth Area (BIMPNT-EAGA) Friendship Games held in Brunei in December 2018. Mendoza was part of a 4X50meter freestyle relay team.


UP Mindanao Football Club competed in the 4th Pinay-In-Action (PIA) Cup Football Tournament opening on 11 January 2019. The UP Mindanao team is in a field of 15 teams that will play in Tiongko Field, Davao City. Manila-based teams competing in the 4th PIA Cup and UP teams X and Y, and UST teams A and B. Congresswoman Pia Cayetano is the lead organizer of the tournament.    


THE SIGNING OF THE MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT for the Davao City-University of the Philippines Sports Complex was held on 10 January 2019 at the Davao City Hall in the presence of media representatives and former congressman Isidro Ungab. UP President Atty. Danilo Concepcion and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio signed the MOA on behalf of UP and the City. Among the witnesses from UP were VP for Development Elvira Zamora, Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion, Dean Larry Digal, and other UP officials and staff. President Concepcion said, in his message, that this would be the first time that the UP System entered into a MOA with a local government unit. He further said that UP has a plan for UP Mindanao to be the lead school in the southern part of the archipelago, for UP Mindanao to lead in the creation of a UAAP in the south, to offer additional degree programs in sports, and a college of human kinetics in the future. He thanked the mayor for all the assistance extended in the past and for those forthcoming in the future. 
Mayor Duterte-Carpio, for her part, said that “it had always been the dream of Davawenyos to have a sports facility to host major sporting events and provide Davawenyos a facility to train for various sports disciplines”. She expressed her gratitude to UP for allowing this partnership with the City Government of Davao, former congressman Isidro Ungab and Congressman Alberto Ungab for the funding, and for the legwork of the City Administrator. “We move closer to the attainment of our vision of transforming Davao City into a premier sports-tourism destination, as we intend to use the sports complex for the Davao Region Athletic Association Meet as a practice for the 2019 Palarong Pambansa and other sports events in the future”. She said that, henceforth, she and the Davao City Hall employees will only cheer for UP in the UAAP.

MESSAGE OF ATTY. DANILO L. CONCEPCION: Former Congressman Ungab, Administrator Bantiding, our VP for Development Elvira Zamora, sa inyong lahat, magandang hapon, po. Una sa lahat humihingi ako ng paumanhin sa inyo na ako ay nakarating ng alas singko ng hapon. Alam niyo, alas siyete ng umaga nasa airport na ako. Ang flight ay dapat umalis ng alas nuebe, 9:45. Pero nakaalis po ang eroplano ng two o'clock. Meron, po, kasing ginagawa sa runway so mabigat ang air traffic.    Pero hindi ko, po, matiis na hindi dumating para pirmahan itong memorandum of agreement na ito. Alam ninyo, Mayor, ito ang ka-una-unahan na collaboration between the University of the Philippines and a local government unit. Ka-una-unahan po ito. It's the first of its kind. Kami, po, sa University of the Philippines ay lubos na nagpapasalamat sa napakalaking tulong na ina-ambag ng pamahalaang siyudad ng Dabaw sa Universidad ng Pilipinas. Ano po ba ang gagawin namin? Bakit kina-kailangan namin ang mga pasilidad na ito? Kasi, po, talaga namang may plano ang Universidad ng Pilipinas na palawakin ang sakop ng Universidad ng Pilipinas sa Mindanao.  We want this to be the lead school not only in Mindanao but sa southern part ng hemisphere na ito ng ating kapuluan.  Ngayon pa lang ay pinagpa-plano na namin na mag offer ang Universidad ng Pilipinas ng mga kurso na may kinalaman sa isports. Dapat po siguro ay magtayo ng kolehiyo na kami ng human kinetics sa Mindanao. At sa tulong, po, ninyo at ng ating mahal na Pangulo, ay magagawa, po, natin. Magtayo, po, tayo ng isa pang kolehiyo dito sa UP Mindanao.      Siguro itong mga nakaraang buwan, hindi nakaligtas sa inyo na ang UP ay pumasok sa finals ng UAAP after 32 years. Kasi nung araw kapag nanalo tayo ng isang game, nag bo-bonfire na tayo. Kasi for 27 years lagi, pong, zero ang score natin sa panalo sa UAAP. The last time na nag champion tayo ay in 1986 during the time of Benjie Paras, Altamirano, and Magsanoc. Pero during my term ay magcha-champion ang UP. Alam ninyo ang sikreto sa pagiging malakas ang team sa anumang sports event ay nasa quality ng mga manlalaro. Hindi po tayo masyadong nakaka-recruit ng maraming manlalaro dito sa Mindanao. Kasi, po, kulang ang facilities para magkaroon ng pagsasanay ang mga estudyante natin dito sa Mindanao. Pero dahil po sa sports facilities na ito, ang Sports Complex na pagtutulungan ng UP at ng City Government ng Davao na itaguyod, ang amin pong prediction, gagaling ang mga players, mga athletes na dito ay magsasanay. At siguro sa susunod na tatlo o apat na taon makakakita na tayo ng recruitment na dito gagawin sa Mindanao, recruitment for athletes. At, siguro, dahil ang UAAP ay sa Manila lamang, dapat ay magpasimuno ang UP Mindanao na magtayo naman ng UAAP sa south. Dito naman sa Mindanao magkaroon tayo ng UAAP.      Sa lahat, po, ng tulong na aming tinanggap mula sa local government ngayon, at sa mga tulong na aming tatanggapin pa in the future kami, po, ay nagpapa-salamat at taos-pusong nagbibigay ng pag-galang sa inyong pamamahala dito sa Dabaw.  Magandang hapon, po, sa inyong lahat!

MESSAGE OF MAYOR SARA Z. DUTERTE: Doctora Elvira, Atty. Danilo, Cong Sid, Atty. Lawrence, ladies and gentlemen, maayong hapon sa imohang tanan. For the longest time it has always been the dream of Davawenyos to have a large sports facility in the City. We cannot underscore often enough how important it is for Davao City to have its own government-owned sports complex, not only to allow us to host major sporting events, but also to provide Davawenyos a facility to train for various sports disciplines. And now, after many years, we are glad that we finally have the Davao City-University of the Philippines Sports Complex in the UP Mindanao campus in Mintal. I'd like to underscore our gratitude to the University of the Philippines for allowing this partnership with the City Government of Davao, and for the legwork of Atty. Lawrence and Congressman Sid and Congressman Abet in making sure there is money and the that implementation of the project is on time. We thank you for working closely with us, the City Government, for allocating the parcel of land which the sports Complex now stands. Following the memorandum of understanding signed by our respective predecessors in 2015, and after three years of coordination and collaboration, today we sign the agreement that officially seals the partnership for the management and operation of the facility. With today's signing, we move closer to the attainment of our vision of transforming Davao City into a premier sports-tourism destination, as we intend to use the sports complex for the Davao Region Athletic Association Meet as a practice for the 2019 Palarong Pambansa and other sports events in the future. And with the various facilities therein that our local athletes can use in training, I am confident that we will be seeing more Dabawenyos succeed in their respective fields in sports.   And, napag-usapan na din ang UAAP, attorney, when I was studying in Manila--I grew up in the province, galing probinsiya ako and i grew up in the Dominican schools network; I finished my college here in San Pedro College in Davao City--so when I went to Manila, usually mga taga-probinsiya who graduated in the province mga outsiders, nasa periphery lang. Usually there's UP, Ateneo, La Salle, UST, usually mga graduate of Manila universities. So, when time na ng UAAP kung sino yung kasama ko, doon ako nagchi-cheer. Kung mga kasama ko sa pagpa-panood ay mga taga-Ateneo, Ateneo. Kasi I'm a graduate of [Philippine] Women's [College of Davao] and San Pedro [College], so cheer..Ateneo tayo! And then, when I met my husband, he's a graduate of La Salle, so nandoon naman ako. Sa kabilang side naman ako. I cheered for La Salle. and pag wala ang La Salle, so, my husband tells me, nasa FEU tayo ngayon so, FEU na chini-cheer ko. But, now that we have a partnership, UP na. There will be no other team for all employees of the City Government kundi UP.  Hindi kami pwede mag-cheer for others, of course. We are already partners. This is a very big step for Davao City and for southern Mindanao. So, we thank you, everyone who helped, who worked hard, to put this together. Thank you, very much! Maayong hapon sa inyong tanan!                


26 JANUARY 2019: THE DAVAO REGION ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MEET Opening and Closing Ceremonies were held on 27 January and 2 February 2019, respectively. This was a function of Davao City as host of the DAVRAA 2019 with the Dept. of Education as the lead organizer. Volleyball, archery, and secondary boy's football were the games played in the DC-UP Sports Complex, with other games distributed in 22 venues. UP Mindanao participated in ceremonies around this event such as the Blessing and Inauguration of the Stadium and Field on 24 January, the  Unveiling of the Marker on 26 January, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. UP Mindanao received wide publicity during this period. A number of news items mentioned UP Mindanao and the video of the Opening Ceremonies in the UP Mindanao YouTube page had about 1,500 views in the following week.  


The Inaugural Ceremony and Blessing of the Football Stadium and Football Field at the Davao City-UP Sports Complex in Mintal, Davao City was on 25 January 2019. UP Mindanao Vice Chancellor for Administration Antonio Obsioma gave the Welcome Remarks, Davao City 3rd District Congressman Alberto Ungab gave the Opening Message, former congressman Isidro Ungab related a brief history of the Sports Complex project, and City Administrator Atty. Zuleika Lopez read the Message of Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. The Blessing of the Football Stadium was led by Fr. Elneri Meñez. The Ribbon-cutting and Ceremonial Football Kick had Prof. Erwin Protacio, alumnus Francisco Ramos, Congressman Alberto Ungab,  Atty. Zuleika Lopez, Prof. Antonio Obsioma, Hon. Isidro Ungab, Police Director Alexander Tagum and Deputy Director Noel Silvosa, and Col. Nolasco Mempin with Col. Randolph Cabangbang of Task Force Davao. 


"THE SPORTS COMPLEX is the testimony of the partnership of the University of the Philippines and the City Government of Davao in nurturing the athletes of Mindanao and the Country". These are the words on the marker that was unveiled at the Davao City-UP Sports Complex on 26 January 2019. The unveiling of the marker was led by UP President Atty. Danilo Concepcion, Davao City Assistant City Administrator for Operations Atty. Lawrence Bantiding on behalf of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, Davao City 3rd District Congressman Alberto Ungab, former congressman Isidro Ungab, and UP Mindanao Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion. Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, in her message read by Atty. Bantiding, said that "the marker serves the purpose so all may be informed that the project to further sports development in the City is a result of the coming together of the government and the academe". Davao City 3rd District Congressman Alberto Ungab, in his Remarks, introduced Davao City and its 3rd District, in particular, for the benefit of the visitors. Former congressman Isidro Ungab declared that he was "the happiest person in the gathering" for having seen the sports complex project from its beginnings in 1995 up to the present, whereof he narrated the highlights. UP President Atty. Danilo Concepcion, for his part, said he considered himself "the most fortunate person in the gathering" for having the benefits of the efforts of the former congressman for UP "fall like the rain" during his own term. Chancellor Concepcion, in her Welcome Remarks, introduced the  UP officials present and thanked the Dept. of Public Works and Highways, Phil. Sports Commission, Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor, and the UP Mindanao Campus Planning and Development Office for their help. Among the guests who attended from other UP units were Regent Angelo Jimenez and Regent Analiza Fulvadora of the UP Board of Regents, Executive Vice-President Teodoro Herbosa, VP for Administration Nestor Yunque, VP for Development Elvira Zamora, VP for Planning and Finance Joselito Florendo, UP Manila Chancellor Carmencita Padilla, UP Open University Chancellor Melinda Bandalaria, UP Visayas Chancellor Ricardo Babaran, and UP Los Baños Chancellor Fernando Sanchez Jr.


The Opening Ceremonies of the Davao Region Athletic Association 2019 were held on 27 January 2019 in the Davao City-UP Sports Complex in Mintal, Davao City. A bang on the gong by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and Department of Education Regional Director Alberto Escobarte accentuated the declaration of the formal opening. U.P. President Danilo Concepcion joined Hon. Isidro Ungab, Davao City Vice-Mayor Bernard Al-ag, and other officials in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the games. Mayor Duterte-Carpio gave the Welcome Message. The Guest of Honor was IBF Junior Bantamweight World Champion and Panabo City native Jerwin Ancajas. The ceremonies were held in the new football field and stadium.  Among the UP constituents who attended were UP Chancellors Ricardo Babaran and Sylvia Concepcion, UP Executive Vice-President Teodoro Herbosa, VP for Development Elvira Zamora, UP Regents Angelo Jimenez and Analiza Fulvadora, UP alumnus and City Councilor Mabel Acosta, among some 2,000 members of the audience. The DAVRAA is composed of the provinces of Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Davao Occidental, and Davao Oriental and the cities of Davao, Digos, Samal, Mati, Panabo, and Tagum.

THE CLOSING CEREMONY of the Davao Region Athletic Association Meet was held on 2 February 2019 at the Davao City-UP Sports Complex. The Message of Gratitude and Send-Off Message was given by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. The Inspirational Message was given by Asian Para Games Gold Medalist Ernie A. Gawilan. Dept. of Education Region 11 Director Alberto Escobarte gave a Certificate of Appreciation to UP which was received by UP Mindanao Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion. The UP Mindanao Business Development Office earned revenue from business concessionaires who provided food and souvenir items at DAVRAA 2019.      


Mathematical biology is attracting more researchers in UP Mindanao. In the 2019 International Workshop in Mathematical Biology (IWOMB) held in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines on 6-10 January 2019, Mr. Zython Paul Lachica (BS Applied Mathematics alumnus) was given recognition for his scientific poster.  "Dog population control as key intervention strategy for eradicating rabies in Davao City, Philippines: A policy implication via mechanistic and phenomenological models" was awarded Best Gong Show Presentation.


NEW ZEALAND AMBASSADOR David Strachan visited UP-Mindanao on 28 January for a Forum on Graduate Opportunities in New Zealand. In the Forum, Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion gave Welcome Remarks. An Audio-visual Presentation on New Zealand was shown. Ambassador Strachan delivered his Message to encourage the members of the audience to consider taking higher education in NZ. Education NZ Regional Manager Ben Burrowes spoke on the educational program offerings in New Zealand. Aid Manager Rune Ylade talked on the details of the scholarships, on the ease of application, being mostly on-line. Honorary Consul Vic Lao interceded by articulating the concerns of the audience to the NZ group. The audience were composed of graduating students, and faculty members. Completing the NZ delegation were Education NZ Market Manager Desiree Lee and NZ Embassy Manila Policy Adviser Noelle Velasquez.

NEGLECTED tropical parasitic diseases are the subject of a research program that brought a team from the University of the Philippines Manila, De La Salle University, UP Diliman, and University of the Philippines Mindanao to Davao City on 29 January 2019. According to co-investigator Dr. Aleyla de Cadiz, "this research program is called 'Development of Innovative Strategies for the Control and Prevention of Neglected Tropical Parasitic Diseases to Contribute to Universal Health Care'. This research is funded by the Commission on Higher Education's Discovery-Applied Research and Extension for Trans/Inter-disciplinary Opportunities (DARE TO) which encourages research partnership among higher education institutions (HEI). Dr. Vicente Y. Belizario of the UP Manila College of Public Health is the Principal Investigator. UP Mindanao is the collaborating HEI, with myself as the co-investigator". The team was received by UP Mindanao Dean, and next chancellor, Larry Digal and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Nilo Oponda. The persons in the meeting were the College of Public Health team of Dr. Vicente Belizario, Jr., Andrey Marie Agustin, Victorio B. Molina, and Camille F. Domingo, Olivia T. Sison of National Institutes of Health, Soledad Dalisay of UP Diliman Dept. of Anthropology,  Mary Jane C. Flores of DLSU, and Larry N. Digal, Nilo B. Oponda, and Aleyla de Cadiz of UP Mindanao. 

UP ALUMNI ASSOCIATION IN AMERICA donated USD5,000 to UP Mindanao for laboratory improvement and a tutorial and feeding program. The donation was from UPAAA member Ms. Rosalia Ordoñez. This is the third year that UPAAA made a donation to UP Mindanao since 2016. UPAAA president Ms. Nelsie T. Parrado travelled from New Jersey, USA to the Philippines to personally deliver the cheque. she arrived in UP Mindanao, Davao City on 24 January 2019 in the company of Ms. Belinda Perry and Ms. Gloria Aledia. Ms. Parrado was received by Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion and Extension Officer Michael Gatela. A Deed of Donation was signed by Ms. Parrado and Chancellor Concepcion and witnessed by University Legal Officer Atty. Charmaine Valentin. The donation was received by the Chancellor and turned over to Cashier Emma Ruth Caalaman who issued the official receipt. Ms. Parado likewise met and conferred with professors Juma Novie Alviola and Virginia Obsioma of the Dept. of Food Science and Chemistry under which the Sensory Lab for food will be provided for improvement. The feeding and tutorial sessions, on the other hand, will be in the UP Marilog (Davao City) Land Reservation under the supervision of the Office of Extension and the Dept. of Social Sciences.

13. BS Education Class of 1953 alumna and Davao City resident Ms. Tita Lacambra Ayala passed away in January. Her passing was reported to the UP Office of Alumni Relations.       

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