Academic Load

No undergraduate student shall be al­lowed to take more than 18 non-laboratory units or 21 units including laboratory work; Provided, however, that a graduating student with an academic record better than average may be permitted to carry a heavier load in the last year of his course; Provided, further, that this rule shall not affect or alter any ex­isting course duly approved by the University Council and the Board of Regents in which the normal semestral load is more than 18 units.

In the summer term, the normal load shall be 6 units, but in justifiable cases, the Dean may allow a student to take 9 units.
The Dean or Director is empowered to limit the academic load of students who are employed, whether full-time or part-time, outside the University; Provided, That no graduate student who is employed on a full­time basis shall be allowed an academic load of more than 10 units, whether in formal courses or in thesis, in any semester unless he/she has the prior approval of the Dean or ad­ministrative head of the graduate unit to which he/she belongs.


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