Students are responsible for fulfilling all their requirements of the curriculum in which they are enrolled. They should consult with their adviser, College Secretary or the University Registrar in planning their course work.
A student must be officially registered in order to receive credit for course work. The official registration form (UP Form 5) which is a record of classes for which the student has enrolled is filed in the Offices of the College Secretary and University Registrar

No  student shall be registered in any sub­ject after one week of regular class meetings have been held, unless the Dean, on the basis of his scholastic record, permits his registra­tion; Provided, That if registration is made outside the regular registration period indi­cated in the University Calendar the student shall be subject to fine for late registration; Provided, further, that special students may register at any time without the payment of fine for late registration subject to other regulations of the University.


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