PE Requirements

Basic Physical Education (PE) is a prerequisite for graduation. All students should comply with this requirement during their freshman and sophomore years.

Eight units of PE are required of all undergraduates except the following:

1. students who hold the Associate in Arts title (or equivalent) or a bachelor’s degree;
2. those who are members of the ROTC Band;
3. those who are 30 years old and above;
4. veterans of the armed forces, navy or airforce; and
5. those who have served on a full time basis for at least two years in the armed force, navy or airforce.
The 8-unit requirement, which is equivalent to four courses, are broken down as follows:

PE 1. Foundations of Physical Fitness, required of all students.
PE 2. Elective physical education activities for beginners.
PE 3. Elective physical education activities for intermediate students who have taken PE 2 in the same activity.


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