Leave of Absence

A leave of absence (LOA) should be requested in a written petition to the Dean. The petition should state the reason for which the leave is desired and should specify the period of the leave. The leave should not exceed one year but may be renewed for at most another year. When not taken in two (2) successive years, the aggregate LOA should not exceed two (2) years.

A student who needs to go on leave of absence beyond the allowable period of two years should be advised to apply for an honorable dismissal without prejudice to readmission.


The college, through the Dean or his duly authorized representative, shall inform the University Registrar and the parents/guardian of every student granted the leave of absence about such leave, indicating the reasons for the same and the amount of money refunded to the student.

For leave of absence availed of during the second half of the semester, the faculty members concerned shall be required to indicate the class standing of the student (passing or failing) at the time of the application for the leave. No application for leave of absence shall be approved without indicating the student’s class standing by the instructors concerned. This, however, should not be entered in the official Report of Grades.

If a student withdraws after 3/4 of the total number of hours prescribed for the course has already elapsed, his instructor may give him a grade of 5 if his class standing up to the time of his withdrawal was below 3.

No leave of absence shall be granted later than two weeks before the last day of classes during the semester. If the inability of the student to continue with his classes is due to illness or similar justifiable causes, his absence during this period shall be considered excused. In such case, the student shall be required to present an excuse slip to the faculty members concerned.

A student who withdraws from the college without formal leave of absence shall have his registration privileges curtailed or entirely withdrawn.

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