Grading System

The performance of students shall be rated at the end of each s0emester in accordance with the following grading system:

1    -    Excellent
1.5 -    Very Good
2    -    Good
2.5  -    Satisfactory
3    -    Passed
4    -    Conditional Failure
5    -    Failed
Inc. -    Incomplete
Drp -    Dropped

Grades of 1.25, 1.75, 2.25 and 2.75 may also be given but in no case shall they be more detailed than in multiples of 0.25.

For courses not requiring numerical grades:

S       -     Satisfactory
U      -     Unsatisfactory

A grade of 4.00 means conditional failure. It may be made up for by successful repetition of the course, or by passing a reexamination. If the student passes the reexamination, he/she is given a grade of 3.00, but if he/she fails, a 5.00. Only one reexamination is allowed which must be taken within one academic year from the semester when the grade of 4.00 was incurred. If a student does not remove the grade of 4.00 within the prescribed time, he/she may earn credit for the course only by repeating and passing it. A grade of 4.00 given for the first semester work of a two-semester course shall be converted to a grade of 3.00 if the student passes the second semester part of the same course in the same academic year; if he/she fails, the grade of 4.00 which he/she received for the first semester work shall be converted to a grade of 5.00.


The grade of  INC. is given if a student, whose class standing throughout the semester is Passing, fails to take the final ex­amination or fails to complete other require­ments for the course, due to illness or other valid reasons. In case the class standing is not passing and the student fails to take the final examination for any reason, a grade of 5.00 is given. Removal of the deficiency must be done within the prescribed time by passing an examination or meeting all the require­ments for the course, after which the student shall be given a final grade based on his over­all performance.

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