Change of Grades

A student who has received a passing grade in a given course is not allowed reexamination for the purpose of improving his grades.

No faculty member shall change any grade after the report of record has been filed with the  College Secretary or with the University Registrar. In exceptional cases, as where an error has been committed, the instructor will request authority from the faculty of his college to make the necessary change through a college faculty meeting. If the request is granted, a copy of the resolution of the faculty authorizing the change shall be forwarded to the Office of the University Registrar for recording and filing.


Notwithstanding the foregoing provision and to avoid any injustice, the grade on a final examination paper may be revised by a committee of the Dean of the college or school if it should clearly appear, on the basis of the quality of the scholastic record of the student, that such grade is the result of an erroneous appreciation of the answers or of an arbitrary or careless decision by the facul­ty member concerned. Should the change of the grade on said paper affect the final grade of the student, the committee may request authority from the faculty of the college or school to make the necessary change in the final grade. The request for reconsideration shall be made within 30 days after the receipt of the final grade by the student concerned.

No student of the University shall directly or indirectly ask any person to recommend him to his professor/s for any grade in his class record, examination paper, or final report of grades. Any student violating this rule shall lose credit in the subject/s regard­ing which such recommendation is made. The fact that a student is thus recommended shall be prima facie evidence that the recom­mendation is made at the request of the stu­dent concerned.

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