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November 2015 Public Affairs Calendar

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements

NOVEMBER 2015 in UP Mindanao is the end of the 1st Semester of Academic Year 2015-16. Last day of classes is on 28 November. Pre-registration for the 2nd Semester was on 3-6 November.

The Commission on Audit has appointed Ms. Helena L. Valdez as Audit Team Leader for UP Mindanao, replacing Ms. Elesa M. Pusta on 03 November.  

The symposium "Anthropological Perspectives on Indigenous Peoples-related Violence" was held by Dept. of Social Sciences on 05 November.

Ms. Evelyn Espina of UP Alumni Association-Greater Chicago met their four new scholars on 09 November.

The UP President's Advisory Council Meeting is on 11 November with the participation of Chancellor Concepcion.

The UP President has constituted the Search Committee for the Next Chancellor and nominations for chancellor will be accepted up until 23 November (updated, previously 13 November). The Search Committee holds consultations on 26-27 November.

Koro Kantahanay holds its choral concert on 11 November 6pm at the University Atrium.

Cattle industry players will visit the Mindanao Cattle Research and Development Project on 12 November.

GMA Radio-TV will inspect the campus on 13 November as a prospective site for the first Presidential Debate.

Anthropology Student Conference will be held on 13 November with Prof. Ponciano Bennagen (1986 Philippine Constitutional Commissioner), Atty. Augusto Gatmaytan, PhD (Ateneo de Davao University), and Prof. Maria Mangahas (UP Diliman).

The Humanities faculty will participate in the 6th Philippine International Literary Festival on 20-21 November in Davao City. Awarding ceremony for the 3rd Tigi sa Mobung Sugilanong Binisaya is on 21 November at the Festival.

Assoc. Prof. Ruth Gamboa participates in the Synthetic Biology course on 21-26 November in Vietnam.

The Supplies, Procurement and Campus Management Information System (SPCMIS) End-User Training and Go Live in the campus is on 24-26 November.

Asst. Vice-Pres. for Academic Affairs, Prof. Alyssa Peleo-Alampay, visits on 25 November for a forum on the Internal Academic Assessment System.

Asst. Prof. Teody "Bong" Perez opens his 11th Solo Art Exhibit on 27 November in Gaisano Mall of Davao, and holds a color-pencil workshop on 28 November, 1-4 pm.

BA Communication Arts students and their project, "PILi-Pinas: the 2016 Philippine Elections Campaign" are among the finalists in the PANAnaw Awards: 16th Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Students' Competition on 28 November at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City.

UP Halalan 2016 begins with the adaptation of Blueprint for a Viable Philippines by Assoc. Prof. Antonio Moran.

UP Alumni Association-Davao current officers, led by president Joel Laserna, held its final meeting to prepare for elections for 6 directors on 30 November.

(Reports are from proponents and may be subject to change)

Halalan 2016 (introductions on video)

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements

IMG 2036

     The University of the Philippines as a system is initiating the Halalan 2016 Project, under the leadership of the Vice President for Public Affairs. The objectives of the Project are to provide voter education, disseminate election-related findings and analyses, and public engagement with candidates. Read the Project concept note here for your closer study and reference. Having been appointed as point-person for UP Mindanao, the Public Relations Officer seeks proposals for election-related activities from the units, student organizations, and the alumni sector. Please respond through the email address .

SEE THE PRESENTATIONS ON VIDEO: Dr. Jean Franco, Proj. chair. video clip 1 of 2 (4 mins.); Dr. Jean Franco, clip 2 of 2 (9 mins.)ABS-CBN's Arlene Burgos; GMA's Cel Rosales-Amores; TV5's Davis Jude Sta. Ana; UP's Vice-Pres. for Public Affairs for J. Prospero de Vera, part 1 of 2, Introduction to the Project; VP de Vera, part 2 of 2: How to be Non-Partisan; UP Your Vote of the UP Diliman Student Council;   

UP Mindanao Halalan 2016 initial plans are:

  1. Popularization of Halalan 2016: Promote awareness of Halalan 2016 to the university constituents and the community; encourage wider involvement and participation in the discussion; support and amplify activities initiated by university constituents and the community (from RA Estremera, Office of the Chancellor)
  2. Voters Education Forum: Invite resource speakers, constituents and the community to a forum on the election, and disseminate the outputs and resolutions from the forum to the media (from Office of Extension and Commmunity Service)
  3. The ComElec Debates: Invite constituents and the community to view the ComElec-organized debates and to give feedback.  Disseminate the outputs through media (from JN Sagadal, Office of the Chancellor)
  4. Blueprint for a Viable Philippines: Repeat the project “Blueprint for a Viable Philippines”, conceived by Nemenzo, David, Constantino, et al, in 2005. The project aims to identify citizens who know the issues best and let them tell us their choice (from AG Moran, Dept. of Social Sciences)
  5. Legislative bills-writing: An exercise wherein students, or the community, write laws which they want to be included in the laws of the land. Disseminate the outputs to the public and to candidates (from E. Nabayra, Dept. of Social Sciences)

Present at the Briefing were (seated, left-right) UP Padayon Director Nelson Cainghog, UP Information Office Deputy Director Frances Cabana, TV5 News Operations Head Mr. David Jude Sta. Ana, Halalan 2016 Chairperson Dr. Jean Franco, UP Vice-Pres. for Public Affairs J. Prospero de Vera, ABS-CBN Social Media and Mobile Integrated News Head Ms. Arlene Burgos, and GMA Asst. Vice-Pres. for Regional News and Public Affairs Expansion and Production Services Ms. Cel Rosales-Amores, together with information and public relations officers from UP Los Banos, UP Visayas, UP Baguio, UP Cebu, UP Manila, UP Mindanao, UP Diliman, UP Open University, the UP Diliman Student Council, and the UP System Information Office.

Conference on Agribusiness and Cooperatives, 2015

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements

IMG 9561

In celebration of the Centennial Year of Philippine Cooperatives, the University of the Philippines, in cooperation with the Cooperative Development Authority, is organizing the Joint International Conference on Agribusiness and Cooperatives. The joint conference is composed of two co-located conferences: the 7th International Conference on Agribusiness Economics and Management (ICAEM 2015) and the 2nd International Conference on Cooperatives (ICOOP 2015), on 15-16 October 2015.

In the photo above are the participants led by Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion and UPLB Chancellor Fernando Sanchez, seated center. There were 110 papers presented in the joint conference, of which 26 were from UP Mindanao. Earlier in 2015, 11 papers were published by UP Mindanao researchers, 17 were presented in conferences, and 11 new grants were awarded to research projects amounting to P4.9 Million.

ICAEM 2015
The conference provides a venue for scholars to present researches that deal with economic and management issues affecting the entirety or specific nodes within the agri-food chains, specifically those within the crops, fisheries, and livestock and poultry subsectors. The conference is organized by the Office of Research and School of Management (SOM), University of the Philippines Mindanao, and is financially supported by the UP Office of International Linkages (OIL). The conference accepts papers on the following tracks:

  •     Environmental policy and resource management
  •     Technologies for crop and animal improvement
  •     Farm (crop/animal) and fisheries management
  •     Supply chain management
  •     Value chain analysis
  •     Food security, trade, and agricultural policy
  •     Consumer studies
  •     Agri-product development and innovation
  •     Entrepreneurship and agri-industry development
  •     Agricultural education and extension
  •     Women in agribusiness

ICOOP 2015
ICOOP is organized by the Institute of Cooperatives and Bio-Enterprise Development (ICOPED), College of Economics and Management (CEM), University of the Philippines Los Baños, in cooperation with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). It is a fitting event for the celebration of the Centennial Year of Philippine Cooperatives. The conference will feature presentations in the following focal areas:

  •     Cooperative education and capability building
  •     Cooperative enterprise development
  •     Innovations and best practices in cooperative management
  •     Cooperative finance
  •     ICT/database management for co-operatives
  •     Women and youth in cooperatives
  •     Role of cooperatives in environmental sustainability
  •     Cooperatives and food security


Search for the next Chancellor (updated)

Written by Rene Estremera. Posted in Announcements

     University President Alfredo Pascual issued a memorandum dated 21 September instituting a search process for the next chancellor of UP Mindanao. The memo states, "The term of office of the Chancellor of UP Mindanao will end on 28 FEBRUARY 2016. This Memorandum is hereby issued to commence a search process for the next Chancellor of UP Mindanao pursuant to Section 18 of RA 9500 which provides that: 'The Chancellor of the constituent university shall be elected by the Board upon nomination of the President of the University, following a process of consultation with the constituents of the constituent university based on standards and guidelines set by the Board.'"

UPDATE: The timetable has been adjusted, please click on this link.

     The timetable for the search process were set down as follows: Nominations to the Search Committee, 6-16 October 2015; constitution of the Search Committee, 21-23 October; last day to submit nominations for Chancellor, 6 November 2015; submission of the report of the Search Committee to the President, 27 November; Meeting of the Board of Regents to choose the next Chancellor, 28 January 2016.

     Regarding the Search Committee, the memo states, "Crucial to the process is the creation of a Search Committee whose members shall consist of men and women of unquestionable, unassailable integrity who enjoy the respect of their constituents and maintain the highest regard for the interests of the University.

     The Search Committee is not a COMELEC whose job is to count votes. It is a fact-finding body whose job is to gather all relevant information for the President and the Board of Regents.

     The Search Committee shall consist of two (2) senior faculty members (Associate Professor/Full Professor/University Professor/Emeritus Professor); and one (1) junior faculty member (Assistant Professor/Instructor); one (1) REPS; one (1) administrative staff; one (1) student; and a representative of the UP President (from outside the constituent university).

     Nominations for membership in the Search Committee may be made by any individual, group or groups in each constituent university (faculty, students, REPS, administrative personnel, and alumni).

     Nominations to the Search Committee shall be sent through fax, e-mail, mail or messenger to the Office of the Secretary of the University, UNIVERSITY HOTEL, GUERRERO ST. COR. AGLIPAY, UP CAMPUS, DILIMAN, QUEZON CITY not later than 5:00 pm, Friday, 16 OCTOBER 2015. (Each nomination shall be accomplished using the nomination form included in the attached PDF document)

     The UP President shall appoint the members of the Search Committee on or before Friday, 23 OCTOBER 2015.

"Regarding the nomination process for the Chancellorship, the memo states, "a nominee MUST possess the following qualifications: Commitment to academic freedom and the values and ideals of the University; Distinction in the nominee's chosen field of expertise coupled with a generalist view and an appreciation of other disciplines; a Filipino citizen with a strong nationalist commitment; a demonstrated observance of the principles of collegiality and democratic process; with unquestionable moral integrity; with academic leadership and administrative skills; and a willingness to serve as Chancellor on a full-time basis for the full term of three years."

     Also, "the nominee need not be presently connected with the University. He/She, however, must have previous ties with the university (e.g., as a graduate or former faculty member)." Regarding who may nominate, the memo states, "any person or a group in the university is encouraged to submit their nomination."

     The memo enumerates the documents required of the nominee and details of the search process.    

     Finally, "The nomination papers must be submitted to the Office of the Secretary of the University, University Hotel, Guerrero St. Cor. Aglipay, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City or to the Chair of the Search Committee not later than 5:00 pm, Friday, 6 November 2015."  

A copy of the memorandum with nomination forms is available by clicking the link below: Click Here

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