UP Registering in Univ. Abroad

1. The University shall draw up a list of universities where UP students may enroll abroad. The list will give priority to universities with which UP already has agreements for. student exchange including ISEP and UMAP.

2. The student must have the written permission of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA), on the recommendation of his Program Adviser, Department Chairman, and Director or Dean. Such recommendation must indicate the number of units and the courses to be taken, including a description of the courses. An alternate set of courses must be provided in case the desired set of courses is not available.

3. Cases where the students are permitted to enroll in universities which are not included in the list shall be reported by the VCAA to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

4. Courses taken in universities abroad need not be validated for credit towards the student’s degree program provided the courses taken are dose (if not identical) to the courses in the UP curriculum. Some courses might also be credited as electives. The VCI, upon the recommendation of the Dean, shall determine which courses will be credited.

5. The student must provide UP with a detailed description of the courses prior to his enrollment abroad, or at the latest, two months after enrollment.

6. The time spent by the student abroad shall be considered as part of his residency in UP.
7. The student may be enrolled initially for one semester with a possible extension up to one academic year.

8. The pertinent rules of UP shall apply in the computation of the GW A for honors.


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